Charter a boat in Kos

Charter a boat in Kos

Se stai pensando di noleggiare una barca a vela in Grecia, Kos è senza dubbio una...

If you are thinking of chartering a sailboat in Greece, then definitly Kos is a place you want to consider for you sailing vacation! Not just you will be enjoying the amazing Dodecanese area which is probably one of the best spot for a sailing Greece experience but you will also have an opportunity after mooring your sailboat to visit an amazing place such as Kos.

Booking your sailing holiday in Kos gives you an opportunity not only to sail the Greek coastlines but to explore offbeat roads and markets in traditional Greece. Worlds apart from the saturated club scene, Kos is home to wooded hills and rustic, deserted hamlets, and hidden deep amidst little white buildings lies Tingaki, perfect for a spot of 'high street' shopping to trawl for the latest Greek attire. You won't get bored after mooring your sailboat in Kos.

Have a walk through the massive bastions of the Castle of Knights, rising from the waters of Kos harbor, and take a look at the Hippocrates Plane Tree standing just in front of it: it is said that the famous philosopher used to teach under its shade. Reality or myth? Charter a sailboat in Kos and find out!

Head a little further inland to experience the unmissable Central Market in Kos Town that boasts a fanciful array of jars of honey, pots of fine olives and local herbs and spices, as well as in the village of Zia with their handmade lace, pottery, unique oils, mats and tourist trinkets that can't be found elsewhere. Just be sure to have enough free space on your boat in Kos for all your shopping. The seafront of Kos Town has been made all the more attractive since the arrival of the terrace of the H20 café (Vasileos Gevrgiou 7). Sun kissed travellers stop here after their sailing day in Kos.

For a more plate-smashing, taverna meal head to the Coast Road and the Ambeli restaurant, where you will find the local favourite – octopus in vinegar – served with wine made on the premises, no less. Typically Greek the tables and chairs sit under sheltering vines. You may have decided not to have dinner onboard, so after mooring in Kos, well.. you now know where to go to eat!

Further along the road from Ambeli towards Tingaki is where the super clubs of the island make their noise. Rendezvous and Memories are two of the poorly named but well-turned out regulars. That's all you will be wanting after sailing day on a sailboat in Kos, a superb night out !

Simply search on our site for a perfect sailboat to rent from one of our Sailogy certified boat charter in Kos and start dreaming about your next sailing vacation in Greece!