Charter a boat in Mali Losinj and sail with dolphins

Charter a boat in Mali Losinj and sail with dolphins

Looking for a good reason to visit the island of Losinj? Here's a hundred of them.

If you're looking for a good reason to rent a sailboat and sail the island of Losinj, part of the Kornati Islands in western Croatia , Sailogy can give you about a hundred. That's the number of bottlenose dolphins, give or take a dozen, that make their home in the Bay of Losinj. 

One of the healthiest and best preserved marine areas in the Adriatic, the Cres-Losinj archipelago has long attracted Mediterranean tourists and sailors seeking out a sunny, mild climate, breathtaking natural beauty, and clear, pristine waters to be sailed. But it's the year-round inhabitants of this area that makes it so special: about 120 bottlenose dolphins make their permanent home here, living in complex social community of about three or four animals per “family”, although they sometimes travel in larger groups of ten or twenty. Observing them playing, fishing and traveling through their natural habitat, is an unforgettable experience, possible only from a boat. And that's one very good reason why should be chartering a sailboat from Manli Losinj marina.

A fundamental part of the marine eco-system, the highly intelligent bottlenose dolphins are able to stay underwater for about four to five minutes as they search for food, but then must come up for air. Many visitors to this part of Croatia rent a boat to enjoy excursions in the hopes of spotting a pod of dolphins. A sailing holiday in the island of Losinj puts you there. Keep your eyes open and as soon as the blue-gray fins appear just above the water, have your snorkeling masks and fins ready to jump right in alongside them. 


Charter a boat in Mali Losinj and sail with dolphins

While cruising the Losinj archipelago, keep in mind that the island's main town, Mali Losinj, is widely considered to have one the most beautiful harbors in all of Croatia, and is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring or an evening for an off-board dinner. So after mooring in Mali Losinj marina you won't be disappointed with a nice walk in tow.

Another unmissable sight in this area is the island of Susak. Sparsely inhabited and entirely made of sand, Susak is a geological and cultural rarity amongst the hundreds of Croatian islands: the local population, made of primarily of wine-growers and fisherman, have maintained their island's archaic dialect, unique customs and traditional folk costumes. The Susak women, with their colorful, full skirts worn above the knee over bright red tights, make quite a sight, almost as rare as dolphins, and just as memorable! And that's another reason why you will be loving your sailing holiday in Losinj and the Kornati Islands.

To sail with doplhins, simply search for your boat to rent and choose between our certified Sailogy boat charters in Mali Losinj. Good wind people!