Charter a boat in Pula

Charter a boat in Pula

What do the cities of Paris, Zurich and Trieste have in common with the Istrian capital?

If you will be mooring in Pula you will understand the question: What do the cities of Paris, Zurich and Trieste have in common with the Istrian capital? They were all the chosen cities of (self-imposed) exile for the Irish poet and writer, James Joyce, a pre-eminent figure of European modernism and author of Ulysses,  If your sailing holiday takes you along the Istrian peninsula, you won’t want to miss a visit to the region’s capital city, the magnificent Pula a starting place to sail the Kornati Islands

Visiting Pula, it’s not difficult to understand its allure even today: incredibly preserved Roman ruins exist alongside a bustling nightlife and café scene, especially in the warmer months of late spring and summer. If you have enough of sailing and you prefer to get mooring your sailboat at Pula marina for sometimes, then spend a day wandering around the Roman ruins, including the sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world, and shopping along the city’s charming streets and market stalls.

Whether you’ve read Joyce or not, paying homage to the literary is easily achieved by having a glass of local wine at the wildly popular Bar Uliks (“Ulysses” in Croat), which boasts a life-sized statue of the poet doing the exact same thing. Think of your sailing days in Pula as your own personal self-imposed Istrian exile. Remember: you’re in very good company  ;)

Reading Joyce on a sailboat peraphs is what you could do during your sailing holiday in Croatia. Have a look at our site to find a sailboat to rent from one of our Sailogy certified boat charter in Pula and start dreaming about your next exciting sailing vacation!