Charter a boat in Varazze: perfect spot for water sports

Charter a boat in Varazze: perfect spot for water sports

Rocky and scenic, Varazze is a popular sailing destination, notorious for its’ clear waters and green blue allure, making it perfect for sailing holiday.
Around the base of Varazze it is possibile to find Plenty of hidden coves, where you can moor your sailboat in front of stunning sandy beaches and winding roads by the sea with multi-elevation levels bestow Varazze with a host of scenic offerings to enchant any sailing traveler's mind. Alternatively, explore the exotic municipality below the shore line: local scuba diving and  snorkeling allows for plenty of opportunity to discover the underwater world. Opt for the rockier areas to see treasures ranging from natural formations to forgotten seashells. Rent a sailboat here in Varazze and you will definitely remember it.

Once you moor and get off your yacht or sailboat pries yourself away from the natural beauty of the shoreside and indulge in local cuisines such as crepes at Cupido. Home to some of northern Italy's most coveted designs, fashion enthusiasts will enjoy perusing collections at Tabaccheria Il Fiocchetto for pieces bursting with classic Italian flair, or Blue & Gold Fashion for trend-led fashion all around the year. 

This part of the world doesn’t do too badly with the Michelin judges and from Varazze, you can get to one of the grandest Michelin-starred restaurants quite easily, Ristorante Arco Antico (Piazza Lavagnola 26, Savona). Housed in an 18th-century stone building in Savona, the chefs here do wonders with all manner of things but the crema de zuccine trombette (cream of courgette horns) wins out. Thats' a nice dinner or lunch you deserve once a long sailing day along the coast of the Italian region of Liguria ;)

Surely after a day sailing the blues seas you'll feel a bit hungry, that is the moment when you should moor your boat and search the mainland for a nice restaurant. Don't worry, we did this research for you: La Mola restaurant with views of the crashing waves serves exactly what you expect it would when you can smell the Varazze sea air as you dine, and that, of course, is fish. A little bit of a local secret, there are not many tourists in this dining room, but word will soon get out, as it’s regarded as one of the best places in town for seafood (Via Guglielmo Marconi 17A, Varazze). Love italian food? So go choose one of our certified boats in Varazze.

Get ready and rent a boat by choosing from one of our Sailogy certified boat charters and start to fall in love during your sailing holiday :)