Charter a sailboat in Loano: Liguria sailing itinerary

Charter a sailboat in Loano: Liguria sailing itinerary

Day 1

Visit Loano’s old town to experience the history through its narrow winding streets, old buildings and small squares. The medieval Doria Castle nearby overlooks the bay, offering beautiful aerial views of the Ligurian Sea. Loano boasts a number of highly rated traditional Italian restaurants and wine bars set against the scenic backdrop of beautiful rolling hills, making it an ideal starting point for your Mediterranean adventure. Throughout summer there are also a number of festivals, parties and cultural holidays.

Day 2

The city has modern facilities and a fully equipped marina, making it easy to partake in a number of sailing, boating and surfing activities. Loano also has an impressive sports hall, with a gym, tennis courts and swimming pool, for those who want to keep fit and active on land. Alternatively you can stretch your legs or relax on the long sandy beaches, which are lined with palm trees giving an exotic, tropical feel.

Day 3

Make a trip to nearby Andora, which is about 11 NM southwest of Loano. Andora is a popular sailing and watersports resort with its own marina, making it a great place for an overnight stay. The local town has a range of excellent restaurants and bars for eating out in the evenings.

Day 4

Take a break from sailing and try your hand at some different watersports, including canoeing, kite surfing or windsurfing, in Andora’s clean waters. The marina also has a diving club for those wanting to get closer to marine wildlife, and operates whale watching boat trips in the summer season.

Day 5

Sail 18 NM west along the coast to San Lorenzo al Mare. The town has a number of beautiful beaches and sheltered coves and bays enclosed by the romantic Italian architecture, offering a more relaxed, peaceful evening.

Day 6

Sail 28 NM north east, returning to Loano.

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