Dessert Sardinian Recipe Seadas With Lemon

Dessert Sardinian Recipe Seadas With Lemon

An authentic Sardinian recipe signed by a chef from La Maddalena

Today we will tantalize your palate with a typical Sardinian dish that you will have the pleasure to taste if you decide to sail along the coasts of Sardinia: 'seadas con pompia', a type of pastry with a zest of pompia. Pompia is a local citrus fruit that grows primarily in Sardinia. Originally from the town of Siniscola, in the north-east of the island in the province of Nuoro, you may find this puffy fruit also in Posada and Torpè, and in the area of Orosei, east of Nuoro. 

The typical "pompia" variety of lemon

Pompia, the local lemon from Siniscola - picture from Siniscola municipality 

Seadas with Pompia Recipe

There are two famous desserts from Siniscola which have pompia as ingredient: sa pompìa intrea and s'aranzata. You'll also find many liqueurs and jams with pompia citrus fruit which are certainly worth a try! But today we will indulge you with some seada, a traditional Sardinian dessert, made with semolino flour and cheese, which is often accompanied by honey or sugar. 

To wet your palate in preparation for your next trip to Sardinia, we present here the recipe from the restaurant Perla Blu in La Maddalena, in the north of Sardinia. 


For the dough: 

  • 1 kg flour
  • Butter 
  • Water as needed

For the filling: 

  • 1 form of 'casu spiattato' (Sardinian cheese made of whole cow milk)
  • Grated lemon peel 
  • A pinch of fine salt
  • Olive oil 
  • 3 Sardinian pompia (or lemons)


We knead everything until we obtain a dough - you'll need to get the same consistency of dough as pizza dough. Now we can move on to the filling. Slice the cheese into small cubes and melt it in a bain-marie with the grated lemon and a pinch of salt until it becomes a homogeneous dough. Then remove it from the stove and when it is still hot prepare some round shapes of about 6 cm in diameter. 

Roll out the dough and place the cheese moulds at least 10 cm apart on the sheet, cover with another sheet of dough, allowing the air to escape, and with a round pastry cutter about 10 cm in diameter, cut out keeping the filling in the centre, as you do for ravioli. Close the edges with the tip of a fork. Clean the pump and cook with an equal amount of sugar and a little water for 4 hours over low heat. Bring the oil to 160°, fry the seadas until it swells, remove and dry with absorbent paper.

Place and cover the top with the pump jam.

The delicious sardinian seadas with a worthy view

Seadas with Pompia by Perla Blu in La Maddalena

Perla Blu is a restaurant located in La Maddalena island. in the homonymous picturesque town of La Maddalena, in heart of the archipelago, with a panoramic terrace (see photo below) overlooking the quaint port of Cala Gavetta. While the view and the scent of the sea will satisfy the other senses, you will have the opportunity to taste some excellent Sardinian cuisine with the products of the archipelago, with vegan and celiac menus. The proximity to the port makes this restaurant a great stop if you're mooring your boat around here. 

Picturesque view of La Maddalena harbour

View of Cala Gavetta from the restaurant 

This blue water in Sardinia is just waiting for you