Family Holidays on a Boat

Family Holidays on a Boat

Best Tips for Planning a Family Holiday


Are you planning a family holiday? Do you want to get away with your loved ones from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Just planning to go to a new city is passé. Plan a truly relaxing, rewarding and fun holiday – book a sailing holiday!


We know what you are thinking. How do you go on a sailing holiday if you have never before sailed a boat, and have no experience on the water whatsoever? The answer is – a skippered boat! A skippered boat is a boat where there will be a ‘skipper’ – i.e. a boating expert, who will take care of the sailing part for you. You can enjoy with your family and rent a boat on your family holiday that is run by a professional.


The Best thing about a Skippered Boat Holiday – It is All Up to You!


If you are interested in boating and you would like to learn how it is done, this is an excellent way to learn the ropes. You will be with a professional who has been sailing for a long time and has professional experience, plus you get to see him in action. This is the perfect way to start if you envision sailing your own boat in the future.


If you are not the type to get so involved, you can simply relax on the deck, put on your suntan lotions and sip a mojito. This is the best thing about a skippered boat holiday – you can do as you want! And that is something that is very hard to get in a family holiday – when you go for a trip, for example, someone in the family wants to visit a historical site, while someone wants to go to a restaurant, while someone is not a morning person and just wants to go back to sleep. On a boating holiday, you can do as you please, because the skipper is in charge of the boat. Laze around, learn boating, sleep in your cabin, knock back a couple of mocktails, click amazing photos – it is all up to every individual family member, what they want to do. Renting a boat for your family holiday is easy!


Who is the Skipper?

The skippers are professionals who have an extensive sailing experience. You can be assured that you will be in safe hands with them. They take care of the sailing while you relax and do your thing. The skipper can also teach you the basics of sailing if you are so inclined. Think of a skipper like a chauffeur – he drives the car so you don’t have to worry about the driving part anymore.


Which Boat should you Choose?

If you are wondering which boat would be best for you and your family, then you can talk to the boating experts from where you are getting your boat. A good company’s experts will be able to answer every question satisfactorily. But a general rule of thumb is to think of selecting a boat as the same as selecting a holiday house for your family. Halve the number of people in your family and add one to get the number of cabins you require. If the number of people in your family are odd, add one. If there are six people in your family, for example, you will need at least three rooms (on a boat these rooms are called cabins); and additionally one for the skipper. So a six member family will require a four cabin boat for a sailing holiday that is skippered.


Planning Your Holiday

You can plan the places you want to start from, go to or stop at. You can map your route either according to the places on land, or according to the kind of water or sea. The skipper will have local knowledge, so he can also guide you on places that are a must-visit, or a particularly beautiful stretch of water. He can also tell you about the good restaurants and cafes when you come off board. Skippers are generally locals so they have a very good idea of the places around, make use of that information.


Plan your Holiday with Us

If you want to go on a family boating holiday on a skippered boat, contact us. You can book a boat from our website, and our experts will help you choose the one that is best suited for you.