Holiday in Greece on a catamaran

Holiday in Greece on a catamaran

Charter a Catamaran While Holidaying in Greece


The political situation might not be that amazing right now but Greece always had plenty to offer when it came to history and natural beauty. And one of the best ways to experience it is thruogh renting a boat.  If you have never been in a catamaran before, you may be surprised at how comfortable it is. You can often find the locals calling it the ‘cat’ for short. It is basically a boat with two hulls that are parallel to each other. Catamarans come in various sizes, from the small recreational ones to the enormous ones that are perfect for very long distances. In fact, the race around the world on boats was won by the man who was sailing a catamaran.


What to do on a Sailing Holiday in Greece?


Greece provides a lot of beautiful places for you to go sailing. A few times a year, festivals are held in various Greek islands, where the local areas really come to life. Instead of just being a tourist and visiting during peak tourist season, find out more about local festivals and try to go when one is around the corner. The vibrant atmosphere and the lively locals will make up for the lack of tourists. You will also go back with a unique experience you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.


If you are in Greece, you cannot miss a catamaran. They are commonly found along Greek islands. Some catamarans are so compact that it looks as if it is only made for a single person but in reality a family will be able to comfortably sail in one. They are used for various purposes – for the locals to fish (these are smaller, more compact, and not as comfortable as you would like because they are not meant for long term use) and then there are the ones that are made for the purpose of tourism alone (these are very comfortable and modern).


Santorini Islands and Cyclades are the most popular places to start your boating holiday from. These are beautiful islands with pristine waters. They are also used to hosting tourists on boating holidays, so you can always expect assistance from the friendly locals if you want any help.


When you are not sailing, do not miss the magnificent history of Greece. You can also sail from Athens if you really want to explore Greece from the historical perspective. When you are on land, do not miss visiting Acropolis. And of course, while you are out island hopping, do not forget the stunning beaches of Greece. Make it a point to visit Preveli Beach at least once. Saling holidays in Greece can be real fun!


Choosing an Island

So once you have decided to sail, which island should you prefer? With as many islands as Greece has, how do you choose which ones to visit? If you would like a relaxed holiday, with lazy walks on the beach and just a casual getaway, you should prefer Crete, Lipsi or Keffalonia. Lipsi has beaches with clear turquoise waters, and is probably the most beautiful of the lot. Banana and Little Banana beaches are nudist beaches, and you can try this experience. They are very popular with the homosexual crowd. If you want it to be a holiday where you explore Greece or you love history and want to experience it, then the islands of Rhodes, Delos and Corfu are your best bet. Rhodes is a magnificent town which will give you a feeling of having gone back in time. Patmos is another interesting place to visit. It has the Monastery of Saint John, and it is said that the Book of Revelations was written here.



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