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Mooring in Marina di Scarlino - Sailogy

Mooring in Marina di Scarlino

Tuscany is a very large region, full of history and interesting places! The number of marinas increased...

"Tuscany is a very large region, full of history and interesting places! The number of marinas increased over the last few years and today I am going to Marina di Scarlino, further south, in the famous area called Maremma. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to organize neither an appointment here today, as all the charter companies I rung are not at the base: it seems like there is an important fair somewhere in north Europe during these days and they decided to go up there. I take note, maybe I will too next year… just to check if it’s true! I decided to visit the Marina nonetheless, I took some picture and then I left to Castiglione della Pescaia, where I booked a hotel for a couple of nights. The Marina seems to be very tidy and the weather is incredibly warm and inviting.  There is only one restaurant open and just a few people hanging around: some technicians and mechanics deep in winter maintenance’s work . So I had a stroll and I noticed a residence, some cafés, a chemist, a real estate agency and the offices of the companies I rung.

Everything is shut down unfortunately, I only had a chat with the guys up in the control tower and my impression has been confirmed: effectively this Marina populates only in summer, due to the lack of a village behind it. Not a positive things, but still it is very close to the Elba Archipelago. I normally classify this kind of marina a bit too cold, I will come back in spring to see if things will change!


On the way to Castiglione della Pescaia I noticed a road sign: “Cala Violina” (literally “little violet inlet”), 1 hour walking… and I was quite intrigued. So I stopped the car and I said to myself: I must see this place and I need a good walk, it’s already two weeks since I am running up and down Italy in a car! I am becoming too lazy!! I started walking into a very quiet forest following the track and after 40 minutes or so and just a couple of people picking mushrooms I found myself facing the emerald water of a really wild beach. Needless to say that is a beautiful place, still untouched! It overlooks Punta Ala on the left while Elba Island lies right at the front. It is a corner of wilderness on a coast otherwise not really interesting, with just long beaches, but it definitely worths a visit.

After another hour spent walking I also met other people trekking, mountain biking or just relaxing on the solitary beach… well… my intuition was correct! Now I have to work on my agenda for next couple of days, I want to see someone in Punta Ala as there are at least three or four companies there! I hope you enjoyed this sort of day off as much as I did!"