Naples itinerary: sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea

Naples itinerary: sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea

Day 1

As one of Italy’s largest cities, Napoli is home to a lot of culture, history, cuisine and nightlife. Head towards the main square – Piazza del Plebiscuito – to explore the impressive churches, galleries and surrounding architecture, including the Royal Palace and the Teatro di San Carlo, Italy’s largest opera house. To unwind in the evening, we suggest enjoying a classic Neopolitan coffee, gelato or a simple Italian pizza in front of the city bay. For a livelier alternative, the city is host to a large number of beach parties throughout the summer season.

Day 2

A trip to Napoli wouldn’t be complete without first visiting the Roman city of Pompeii and its destructor, Mount Vesuvius. Sailing 14 NM south east of Naples’ centre, mooring your yacht at Torre Annunziata, you reach the city of Pompeii. The remains of the city’s streets, amphitheatre and the Temple of Apollo are open to see, along with excursions to Vesuvius itself.

Day 3

Sailing 5 NM south of Torre Annunziata you reach the Castellammare di Stabia, on the bay of Naples. The fully-equipped resort, which is surrounded by mountainous scenery and beautiful beaches, features its own yacht club with a restaurant, bar and infinity pool. The neighbouring ancient city of Stabiae was also destroyed by Vesuvius’ eruption, making it an interesting site to explore.

Day 4

Travelling 11 NM south along the coast you will reach Sorrento. With spectacular views of Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, this is an ideal place to relax in the beach’s many sheltered coves and bays while enjoying some of the famous local limoncello.

Day 5

The island of Capri is situated 5 NM southwest of Sorrento, and has two small harbours that are perfect for mooring your yacht to explore on foot. The island’s Blue Grotto – an underwater sea cave - is a famous attraction, as well as the ruins of the Roman Imperial villas. Another of the town’s main points of interest is the chairlift service which extends 598m from Anacapri to Monte Solaro, taking you to the island’s highest peak.

Day 6

For the final destination we return to Italy’s mainland. After sailing 30 NM east you will arrive at Salerno, which has a large modern marina to moor your yacht while you can unwind in the city’s restaurants and bars for the evening.

Day 7

The idyllic Amalfi Coast is located in Salerno, making it easy to sail along the stretch of coastline from the marina and explore the beautiful beaches.