Palermo itinerary: spend 7 days in Sicily

Palermo itinerary: spend 7 days in Sicily

Day 1

Palermo is Sicily’s capital and centre of culture and tourism. Thanks to the city’s mixed heritage, Palermo is host to a wide range of architectural styles, making it the perfect destination for sightseeing. Among the main attractions are Palermo Cathedral, the Teatro Massimo opera house, and the Piazza Pretoria, the city’s 16th century square. The city is also renowned for its lively nightlife and music scene, so after a day of exploring why not head to the bars and restaurants to unwind.

Day 2

Palermo’s notable market culture means there are many outdoor markets, bustling bazaars and souks to explore, selling a variety of local foods, souvenirs, antiques and clothes. Most markets are open Monday-Saturday until 2pm, and are highly recommended to get a real taste of Sicilian culture!

Day 3

Travel 40 NM west along the coast towards Trapani, a key fishing port in Sicily.

Day 4

Take a mini day trip to the nearby commune of Favignana, one of the Aegadian Islands situated 13 NM southwest of Trapani. The island is a popular site for scuba diving and snorkeling, and is also famous for its caves of calcarenite rock, which are well worth a visit.

Day 5

Sailing approximately 16 NM (60 minutes) west from Trapani beyond Favignana, make a return trip to the island of Mariettimo. The island, which is host to a number of rare plants and wildlife, has great spots for swimming and fishing, as well as some impressive grottos dotted along the coastline.

Day 6

Heading back to Sicily’s mainland, sail 16 NM south from Trapani towards the town of Marsala. Along the coastline you will pass the beautiful and highly rated Sunset Beach, as well as Stagnone Lagoon, where a number of small islands including Mozia and Santa Maria are located among salt ponds.

Day 7

Upon arrival at the town, be sure to taste the famous Marsala wine. Towards the town square, or Piazza Loggia, you can find a number or wine bars and shops, as well as local cellars to see how the wine is produced.