Palermo – Your Next Sailing Destination

Palermo – Your Next Sailing Destination


Does Palermo feature on your sailing holiday list yet? Sailing in Palermo can be fun.  Palermo is exactly how you expect Italy to be. If you have seen Italy only in movies or experienced it in books, you will be surprised at how similar Palermo is to those representations. It is Sicily’s main city.


Rent a Sailing Boat and Go Boating!

Boat Charter in Palermo to see some great places.  You can actually visit Palermo by boat if you are on the nearby islands. It makes for an exciting getaway. The water is beautiful and inviting and in certain areas you can take a delicious swim. You can charter a boat and visit the nearby islands too. Though you can get boats here, but it is best if you book yours online, as that will ensure that your boat is sturdy and well-maintained. Also, the locals here don’t mind if they bend a few rules. During festival time, it may be very hard to find a local boat.


Pretoria can easily be made into a day trip. If you are in the mood for leisure and relaxation you can enjoy the place for two-three days.


What to Do When You Are on Land?

Boat charter in Palermo is easy. But you just might want to explore the lands as well.  Start by going to the old city and walking around on your own. Forget tourist guides or your handbook or the Internet on your phone – just take in the experience.  The locals here are a unique experience. They are not as friendly as you might find locals in most tourist towns. They are distrustful of outsiders. And no wonder, they have faced so many invaders, one after another. The architecture particularly reflects this, and this change in styles makes for interesting viewing and a feeling that you are living in multiple historical periods at the same time.


The central attraction in Palermo is the Piazza Pretoria. This is a square where you will find almost every attraction of the city. Churches that are centuries old surround you from every side. You cannot fail to miss the magnificent Fontana Pretoria. It is a gigantic fountain that has sculptures sitting on its concentric circles. The sculptures are of suggestive nymphs, and the local history behind this is quite amusing. As it goes, it was bought by the city in 1573 but it was nicknamed the Fountain of Shame, because people going to Mass could not hide their disgust at the nudity.


When To Visit It?

If you are planning to sail to Palermo, then there are different times during which you may visit. You can visit during the Festino de Santa Rosalia, which is Palermo’s biggest annual festival. It includes three days of crazy partying and beautiful fireworks. Santa Rosalia is the patron saint of the city, and they parade his ashes and celebrate him. It is worth going if you don’t mind crowds. It is a fun experience in which you get a taste of what local life is like.


Another great time to visit is during the Festa di Morgana. This is a very big deal, so you need to get your tickets well in advance. Every year, at the Museo Internazionale delle Marionette, puppeteers gather from across the globe. It is a unique event and a sight to behold. But the dates that this is held each year keeps changing, so you will have to find it out on their website.


Bit if you can’t make it to Palermo on these specific days, don’t worry. In that case, visit Palermo anytime between September and December. This is the period of the Provincia. Art, music and sports events are spread out during these four months – doesn’t it sound like heaven?


But before you go packing off, consider that the most comfortable time to go to Palermo, weather-wise, would be the summer, from the month of April to the month of October.


Rent a boat from us!

Whether it is arriving in Palermo or going to visit the nearby islands while you are in Palermo, it is best to have a verified boat at your disposal. All our boats are only listed after they have been checked thoroughly by our boating experts. Not only this, our experts can also guide you about the kind of boat that will be best for you, based on your sailing experience, number of people with you, budget and the distance you are planning to sale.