Portisco itinerary: discover Sardinia in 5 days

Portisco itinerary: discover Sardinia in 5 days

Day 1

Located in the north east of Sardinia in the Gulf of Cugnana, Portisco’s full service marina is set in picturesque, natural surroundings alongside long stretches of sandy beaches and clean sea.

Day 2

Follow the coastline 14 NM north towards the seaside resort of Porto Cervo. Along the way you’ll pass several small protected islands in the Mortorio Archipelago, noted for their rich vegetation and wildlife, although they are not accessible to tourists. Boasting one of the best-equipped marinas in the Mediterranean, Porto Cervo’s luxurious resort also has a great selection of restaurants, bars and exclusive clubs, meaning the town has a lively nightlife as well as a relaxed daytime vibe.

Day 3

6 NM northwest of Porto Cervo you reach the port of Palau. Palau has a number of impressive sandy beaches and rocky hills that are perfect for horse riding or trekking, while the safe, sheltered seas prove ideal for swimming and diving.

Day 4

The nearby Maddalena Archipelago is a National Park comprising 7 main islands, and is highly a recommended stop off point. Located 2.5 NM north of Palau, La Maddalena is the main island, and is noted for its beautiful greenery and crystal clear surrounding waters.

Day 5

About 15 NM northwest of Palau, following the jagged coast, you will meet Santa Teresa Gallura, a town on the northern tip of Sardinia. Rena Bianca is the popular local beach and, along with a number of charming local shops and restaurants, it serves as one of the town’s main attractions.

Day 6

Sailing west 36 NM along the northern coast of Sicily you will reach the medieval town of Castelsardo. This quaint spot has a medieval centre, hilltop castle and an old cathedral with crypts containing artifacts from the Middle Ages.

Day 7

Travelling a further 26 NM towards the northwestern tip of Sardinia you will arrive at Stintino. The resort was only established around 100 years ago so is comparatively modern to other Sardinian towns, but its picturesque landscapes and harbours make it a popular place during summertime. The uninhabited Asinara Island nearby is home to rich and varied wildlife, but since becoming a nature reserve, it can only be visited via organised guided tours.