Sailing area: Naples, Capri, Ischia, Ponza

The island of Procida is a small, quiet, traditional fisherman’s island in the Gulf of Naples. To get there, you’ll need to take a hydrofoil from Naples or Pozzuoli, but any time you “lose” in getting there is time you’ve “gained” by already departing from a great sailing destination.

From Procida, you can explore the Campanian Archipelago, whose other islands, along with Procida, include Capri, Ischia, Nisida and Vivara. The Marina di Procida is located in a harbor adjacent to the commercial port and gives into the waters of the Procida Channel in the Strait between Procida and Monte di Procida, with a wonderful view of Cape Miseno and Mount Vesuvius.

You’ll find the marina very functional, with all the necessary services and facilities, and it’s extremely well-positioned just in front of the town center and its promenade.  It has all services and facilities needed, especially as it is right in front of the village and its promenade.

Nearest base: Napoli darsena Acton, Porto turistico Castellammare