Rent a Boat in Sicily To have The Best Sailing Adventure

Rent a Boat in Sicily To have The Best Sailing Adventure


How do you plan to explore Sicily? While you might love to travel by car or bus when you travel from home to work, there is a better way to discover Siciliy - not by any kind of transport or on foot, but by cycling. A cycle will provide you access to both the historical sites and the local culture. You will also be able to blend in better and enjoy more. Needless to say it is also an economical option.

Things to Do In Sicily

One of the must visit places is Syracuse, the ancient city that’s well known among tourists. There is a Greek style theatre which gives you a very medieval feel. Set aside some time for leisurely exploring the place. For a different kind of experience, you can take a cooking class. Sicily’s cuisine is quite different from the rest, and has a unique flavour. This way you would be taking back something permanent with yourself.

Don’t forget to take a solitary stroll around Corso Umberto. It is the main avenue where you will find many small antique shops and delightful kiosks selling jewellery. The locals are friendly, and it is the best place to visit on a late evening. Some other places that you can look at are Cineteatro Francesco Alliata, where you can watch some good theatre or go for a tour on Piazza Duomo. There is a lot to do in Sicily even when you’re not out sailing.


Sailing Boat Charter in Siciliy

How can you be on the largest island in Italy and not think about sailing? The beauty of the water all around you will compel you to take a chance and go out on the sea. The eastern Sicily coastline is a feast for the eyes. Even if you are a firs timer in Sicily, you cannot miss the love that people have there for sailing.

The first thing that you need to remember when you’re out renting a sailing boat cherter in Sicily is to ensure that you’ve enough time on your hands. Aim to have at least two weeks to cruise the north and east coasts of Siciliy to see active volcanoes and ancient sites. Do not forget to visit the Aeolian islands. While the islands can be crowded, they’re a must see on your itinerary. Some other places that you can visit nearby are Pantellaria and Lampedusa.

If you are on holiday in Sicily and are just itching to get your hands on a boat, you should first be aware of a few ground rules. Before you rent a boat, you need to know approximately what it costs to rent a boat. Being a tourist, you might be fleeced and charged much more than is warranted.

Having an idea of the average rate allows you to know how you’re being charged. Thoroughly check out the boat that you are going to rent. You don’t want any problems to occur when you are in the middle of the sea. But if you are not a boating enthusiast or have not done boating before, how can you safeguard yourself against this problem? Actually, the answer to both problems lies in one solution – get your boat from a trusted place.

Don’t go in for local vendors who may be offering their boats at ridiculously low prices. But unless you are a thorough boat professional, you won’t be able to gauge the quality of the boat, its sturdiness and dependability.


Renting a Sailing Boat Charter in Sicily Made Easy

We help you make your experience in Sicily an even better one.  Our offers are aimed at making your booking even more economical. If you book in time, you can get access to fabulous discounts that will make your rental feel like a steal.

The choice we offer is also extremely varied. You have different bats on rent for your holiday in Siciliy. Renting sailing boats is easy and you can often find a specific kind of boat that is related to a particular kind of area or is suitable to a particular kind of sea.

Our boats undergo a professional check before they are included in their rental options.  You can be sure that you will be getting a boat that is good and sturdy, and can rent it aat competitive prices.