Renting a Boat in Sardinia – The Why’s and How’s

Renting a Boat in Sardinia – The Why’s and How’s


Do you love the thrill of the water? Is boating one of your favorite hobbies? Is it something you'd like to do but find the costs prohibitive? Forget all your worries. The answer, if you love boating, is to charter a boat. Your holiday in Sardinia can become a lot more exciting if you explore the nearby places by renting a boat. Renting a boat is easy and here is a walk through about what you can do in Sardinia and the things to keep in mind when renting a boat.


What to do on a Boating Holiday in Sardinia?

Sardinia has many such beautiful spots where you can just laze around and enjoy an idyllic day, with the sun beating down upon you. Or if you prefer to be more active and love fishing, then you can fish in the areas where it is allowed. Sardinia is a perfect place to boat, because of the beauty all around. You will feel enthralled every time you do it, no matter how many times you have already done it.


There are many reasons why people love boating and renting boats while on a vacation. Boats offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience. You can feel the tension sliding away when you are effortlessly gliding on the water. The beautiful waters of Sardinia are a great place to boat. In certain areas, the water is clear. You can see to the bottom of the sea through the pale blue water. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with boating instantly.


One of the places you must sail is one the north coast. Head north of Palau, and you will see beautiful, untarnished beauty all around. You can experience nature in all its glory, with the sun above you and the water below. And, of course, if you love fishing, you cannot live without boating. There is only so much you can do without getting into the water.


Apart from sailing, Sardinia has much to offer. When you take a break from your boat, you can go and visit one of the underrated gems of Sardinia – the city of Olbia. It has managed to keep itself away from throngs of tourists and thus has an air of authenticity around it. Keep aside at least a day to explore this city leisurely. When you are tired, you can rest and refresh yourself in one of the many quaint local cafes there. It is the best place to go on a sunny day.


What to keep in mind before chartering a boat?

If you want to charter a boat, you need to first find out a few things about the place you are chartering from.

It is best to get your charter from a place that has professionals purely involved in boating. If the boat you're chartering has never been tried on the waters you're going to be navigating in, it isn't a good choice. A good boat charter outfit should provide you with experienced information. They can also tell you about the kind of waters that will be best suited for you, based on the kind of experience you are looking for, and the kind of experience you have had with boats.

Nothing is more annoying than finding out that the place that you approached for chartering a boat is out of boats when you immediately need one. There are some times when you haven't booked a boat a few days in advance but you still feel like boating. Make sure that the place you are getting your boat from has real time availability.


Sailogy – the Answer to Your Charter Needs!

We have professionals who boat from and to all the locations that they offer. So we can actually provide experienced and knowledgeable opinion about any queries you might have. If you are going to use a boat for the first time, it is exciting as well as nervous at the same time. A thorough professional will be able to guide you better in matters that relate to boating that anyone else.


Apart from Sardinia, there are over 200 summer and winter destinations that we cover. So if you want to sail to another place from Sardinia Sailogy is a good option. Or if you want to enter Sardinia in style, through its waters. Whether you want a boat for going from one place to another or just inside Sardinia, you can be assured we will provide you with a suitable boat.