Renting a Boat in Split and Having That perfect Holiday

Renting a Boat in Split and Having That perfect Holiday

If you want to get a first hand experience of Dalmatian life, Split is the best place to be. It is Croatia’s second-largest city. You will find both modernity and tradition within the same area – while on the one hand you have the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace; on the other hand there are a number of modern bars and restaurants serving the latest gourmet delights.


Rent a boat in Split and get-set-go!

A lot of people think that Split is just a pitstop on the way to the more attractive parts of Croatia. This is not true. If you love boating, this is the best place to be. The waters of the Adriatic are beautiful to see and even more wonderful to set sail upon.


You can boat to or from Split, and an added advantage of boating is that it gives you a unique view of the whole cityscape, complete with coastal mountains in the background, that will take your breath away. A great time to sail is just before sundown, as the shadows in the background will create a view of such stunning beauty that you will never be able to forget Split.


It is best to rent your own boat in Split as that gives you more freedom and flexibility.  The seafront is called Riva and is alluring for all travellers. Take a walk down the Riva in the evening with the breeze blowing gently and you will fall in love with Split.


What Else Do You Do in Split?


There are other things to do except renting a boat in Split.  The biggest attraction in Split is Diocletian’s Palace. It is one of the most stunning Roman monuments in the world and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It would perhaps be amiss to call it a palace – it is more of ruins, over a whopping 31000 square feet. This is the place you will spend the maximum time in when you are in Split.


Do not miss a chance to experience an evening at the Croatian National Theatre. Take your pick from opera, music or ballet. If you are looking to party the night away, head on to Imperium, which has big dance floors and a bar on the outdoor terrace. If you are looking for a little quiet time, head here during the weekdays. On the weekends, there is a DJ present and a party is going on in full flow.


Also, do visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius. It is astonishing how complete its preservation from the time it was built to today has been – the mausoleum, encircled by twenty four columns, is virtually complete and untarnished to this day.


When do You visit Split?

If you’re looking to get the best experience when renting a boat in Split, the best time to visit Split is during the summer, from the month of May to the month of September. If you are a fan of electronic music, you should definitely visit Split in July. Ultra Europe, one of the world’s most famous electronic music festivals, is held in Split in July. Celebrity DJs land in Split to create a 24x7 party atmosphere for four days. The first three days the festival is based in the Poljud Stadium, while on the last day, it shifts to a beach.


If you are a film buff, you cannot miss a chance to widen your horizon and extend it to Mediterranean movies. Every year, in June, a film festival is held in Split. It is an affair of parties, exhibitions and screening of the best that the Mediterranean big screen has to offer.


Though the summer is the best time to visit Split as far as it goes according to the weather, but if you truly want to experience local life, you should visit in February. Every year, during this month, this traditional festival has locals dancing and celebrating for two days. It is a fun experience, and you will get a unique look at local life.


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