Sailboat style?

Sailboat style?

Cotton and linen, stripes and flat shoes: here at Sailogy we always tell our customers to keep in mind one very simple rule when packing: less is more.

While a week-long holiday spent sailing through the Mediterranean may evoke images of elegant, well-dressed icons like John and Jackie Kennedy or Gianni Agnelli, here at Sailogy we always tell our customers to keep in mind one very simple rule when packing: less is more. Storage on a sailboat is always very limited, and there's nothing worse than being the one passenger whose overpacked bag is taking up too much room.

Because you're going to be spending most of your days wearing little more than a bathing suit, you really don't need to bring a whole lot of clothing or accessories. Yes, of course, you'll want to look great in all the photos you take, but one of the best parts of taking a sailing vacation is just how laid-back it is. Even those who are eager to eat, drink and experience the nightlife in some of the Mediterranean's more posh destinations and exclusive islands, will find the atmosphere to be decidedly more laid-back than their urban counterparts. In short: leave your ties and high heels at home! 

So keeping in mind the two main rules--less is more and take it easy--here's a short but pretty complete list of clothing essentials for a week-long sailing trip. 

Swimsuits: whichever style you prefer, you'll be spending most of your days in a bathing suit. We recommend taking 2-3, so you can change out of them when wet.

Boat shoes: typcially speaking, boat shoes are those with a rubber sole (preferably white, so as not to mark up the deck) and a good grip to them, to prevent slipping. They can be used offboard as well, for walking around town.

Flip flops: along with your swimsuit, you'll probably be spending most of your day in flip-flops. We recommend the rubber kind, like Havaianas, so you won't mind if they get wet.

Sun hat / summer scarf: Of course you'll want to get a tan, but the sun reflects off the water and we recommend a hat with a brim for the brightest hours. And a long, lightweight scarf can cover up sunburned shoulders during the day, or help ward off sore throats during windy evenings.

Sailboat style?

Boat / beach bag: Besides your (soft-sided!) luggage, you'll want a boat bag or beach bag for your stuff like sunscreen, books and sunglasses while on relaxing on deck.

T-shirts/tank top/shorts: for a week-long trip, bring three of each, and then alternate. This is absolutely the time to pull out your sailor's stripes! Navy, white and red are classic nautical colors. We say go for it.

Sundresses / caftans: Women should bring a couple of these, in cotton, linen, or a mix of the two . Sundresses and tunics can be great cover-ups during the day, and can be dressed up with some jewelry and a scarf (nothing too precious) for the evening.

Long pants/long sleeves: While it's unlikely the weather will ever be cold, it can get chilly on the water. Make sure you have a pair of long pants or jeans and a pullover or cardigan in medium-weight. Men might want a nice button-down shirt in cotton or linen for the evenings in town.

Windbreaker: Well, of course. After all, what good's a sailing trip without any wind?