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Sailing from Cagliari to explore the southern coast of Sardinia - Sailogy

Sailing from Cagliari to explore the southern coast of Sardinia

The perfect spot to visit bays and harbours along the famous island of Sardinia

White sandy beaches with transparent waters and splendid seabed, millennia of history among its streets and hills, one of the tastiest and most original cuisine of the Mediterranean, world-famous wines and liquors and the charm of the nightlife of a university and festive city: the reasons to enjoy a holiday in Cagliari and do it with a comfortable and convenient rental of sailing boats or motor boats are many and all valid. 

Legend has it that Cagliari was even founded by one of Apollo's sons, Aristeo, while we know for certain that it underwent Phoenician influence for a long time, and then passed under Carthage and then to the Romans, being later conquered and administered by different peoples and kingdoms, from Byzantium to the various maritime cities, then Spain, the Anglo-Dutch interventions and, of course, the Savoy.

This is why Cagliari, its architecture as well as its culture, gastronomy as art, are the result of a unique mix of very different influences: let's go and discover the most characteristic and representative corners of this city.

Cagliari just like Rome rises on seven hills and only afterwards it has considerably expanded towards the plain, so the tourist will basically find two well diversified regions, each with buildings and monuments of great importance.

Starting from the most distant eras, both the necropolis of Tuvixeddu and the Roman Amphitheatre, dating back to the Imperial Age, are definitely worth a visit.

Here you'll find important religious buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Basilica of San Saturnino or the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria, and then look for more particular buildings such as the Tower of the Elephant with the statue of the animal from which the building takes its name.

There is also the Royal Palace, Boyl Palace or the characteristic New Civic Palace with its particular architecture that is the result of the fusion between Gothic and Art Nouveau.

Cagliari can be a very crowded city especially during the summer season: getting there by sea with a motorboat or sailing boat, it guarantees a holiday with stress or queues not to mention the considerable savings on accommodation.

Among the most characteristic districts of the city you will find both the Castle, the old town that houses the most important monuments and buildings sheltered by its fortified walls, Stampace, Villanova and finally Marina, which includes the port and offers the best opportunities to experience nightlife and entertainment with its countless restaurants, trattorias, pubs, clubs and clubs.

Not just a city but plenty of wonderful sea

Cagliari is not only history, art and culture: the city and the surrounding area are home to some of the most beautiful beaches of the entire island, coasts that have nothing to envy to those of perhaps more famous Sardinian resorts in the north: Mari Pintau, Punta Molentis, Calamosca, Cala Pira, Cala Tuerredda and various other coves offer remarkable corners of paradise to those in search of sun and sea, here are some of the beaches that in our way of seeing deserve special mention.

Calamosca al tramonto

Costa Rei: one of the longest and most important beaches, offers you about eight kilometers enclosed between Punta di San Giusta and Capo Ferrato where you will find establishments and equipment for every taste.

Su Giudeu: with its unmistakable crescent shape and very shallow seabed, is the ideal beach for those with children but is also frequented by lovers of underwater hunting and snorkeling.

Cala Cipolla: the whiter sand and crystal clear waters are surrounded by a thick of uncontaminated flora, suitable for those who, in addition to establishments and entertainment, are also looking for a very suggestive natural setting.

Del Poetto: over nine kilometers of coastline from Cagliari to Quartu Sant'Elena, is the most famous and beloved beach of Cagliari, blue flag 2014, rich in infrastructure and also a small port.

Visiting the south of Sardinia by boat 

Cagliari is the ideal starting point to visit and explore the whole southern Sardinia: whether you have a nautical license and therefore adopt a bareboat solution or, on the contrary, you prefer to sail relying on a professional skipper and an experienced crew, you can use Cagliari as a starting point to reach several other prestigious and famous tourist resorts in the area.

Torre di Porto Giunco, Villasiumius

Both the south-east coast (Villasimius, Costa Rei, Ogliastra) and the south-west coast (Pula, Chia, Tuerredda, Costa Verde) will be able to offer you enchanting corners and generally much less crowded than the north of the island, for a holiday that will be envied by those who, spending even more money, always end up in the usual four or five crowded places.

Experiencing Cagliari and Sardinia on board a boat is a unique experience that deserves to be lived over and over again!

Watch this Q&A with Marco, base manager in Cagliari where he shares his experience of sailing in the south of Sardinia and advises us where to stop by boat and what itineraries to plan if you sail along the Sardinian coast (you can turn on subtitles by clicking on the gear icon).