Sailing Holiday in Naples? Tips to Renting That Perfect Sailing Boat!

Sailing Holiday in Naples? Tips to Renting That Perfect Sailing Boat!

Are you planning on a visit to Naples? 

Naples is the third largest city in Italy. Although many people think that it is just a pitstop for other well-known places in Italy, missing Naples out would be a mistake. For one, you would love to explore the city and rent a sailing boat in Naples.


The Joy of Sailing and Renting a Boat in Naples

If you like boating, Naples is centrally situated enough for you to be able to boat your way to all the places and islands around that you might want to see. You can go to Bacoli or Pozzuoli. You can even visit the famous Amalfi on your boat from Naples. Or you can enter Naples in sailor style, on a boat from any of these or other nearby destinations.


Make sure to make a day trip to Capri on your boat. It is a beautiful island, with one of the most intriguing sites in the world – The Blue Grotto. It is said to be a cave that has existed since prehistoric times, and keeps sinking into the sea every year. At present there is no natural light within the cave. You can feel like Tom Sawyer exploring the whole area. It is called the blue grotto because the colour of the water is a vivid blue colour, which happens because of light entering the cave through a crevice in the bottom. Capri also has a Piezetta, which has elegant little places you can buy memorabilia from.


Make sure you get a secure boat. The best way to make sure of this is to book your boat from a place you are sure of, that will deliver quality boats.


The best time to visit Naples is in spring, from the month of May to the month of June.


What to do When You’re in Naples?


While in Naples, do not miss out on visiting the only active volcano on continental Europe. Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii are a sight to behold. Nature is beautiful in both beauty and destruction. The gigantic volcanoes certainly remind you of this. And though you are reasonably sure that you are safe right now, yet standing near the mighty creations of nature makes you fear its wrath just a little bit. Pompeii is recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Pompeii is the city that was utterly destroyed when the volcanic mountain erupted.


The Ruins of Herculaneum are another captivating find. Although Pompeii eclipses these ruins, they are in a different class altogether. They show what life in the past was like, in everyday situations. There are advertisements from ancient times and mosaics that are stylish. If you really like history, you should not miss out on Naples’ museum, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale.


If you can manage it, there is nothing quite like an evening at Italy’s oldest opera house. Teatro San Carlo is also Italy’s biggest. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


The Other Must Visits


Another must visit is this magnificent church, Chiesa e Chiostro di San Gregorio Armeno. Even if you are not a religious person, you will love this beautiful place. Do remember that apart from the weekend, the Church closes at a little after noon. The architecture and interiors of the church are breathtaking. Choir stalls are actually made from papier mache. A lot of the interior is done in gleaming wood. The cloisters are very serene. There is a baroque fountain here, which has rich embellishments all over it. There are also a couple of superb statues.


Also, make time to visit one of the finest restaurants that Naples has to offer – Da Bruno. It is famous for its wine list – there are over 250 fine wines on offer. Their seafood is the best in the city. It is reputed as being absolutely fresh. Must-try dishes include an octopus salad and crab with vermicelli pasta, known locally as granseola con vermicelli. If your stomach is not full to the brim yet, their tiramisu is exceptional.


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