Sailing Holidays; all you need to know

Sailing Holidays; all you need to know

Rent a sailboat and dive into this new experience of a holiday in the waves of the sea

As the summer season approaches, we are all always looking for the best offer for our holidays hoping for some original idea. Have you never thought about sailing boat rental?

Leaving for a yacht holiday can be really exciting, especially if you've never had a similar experience. Finding yourself in the middle of the sea, breathing its scent and being out of the chaos of the mainland. Having the opportunity to explore amazing places, often unreachable if not by sea is undoubtedly fantastic.

If you have landed on our website site, you are definitely looking for more information on boat hire and, you are looking for a reliable and secure platform that allows you to orient yourself between offers and travel proposals for your holidays.

Here you will find the answers to all the questions you are asking yourself.

Why choose a boat holiday?

This is the first question that you must have asked yourself: what more can a boat holiday give me? The experience of a boat holiday can surely give you unique and unforgettable emotions. By boat, you can reach coves inaccessible by land, restaurants with landing by sea or even wild islands not connected by ferry or air routes and protected Marine Parks where you can go diving to discover the animals and coral reefs that inhabit them.

A yacht holiday does not mean only sea and sun, but you will have the opportunity to reach unexplored lands with a whole new spirit of adventure and discovery that only a unique experience can give you.

Do I need a sailing license to rent a boat?

Yes and no. In order to rent a yacht, you will need someone with a license valid for the country in which you decided to go. But this does not mean that if none of you has a license, you can not treat yourself with the adventure of a boat holiday.

Sailogy offers the possibility of a sailing boat rental with skipper on board. The skipper is the captain of the boat, who will help you choose the perfect itinerary for you and your crew, advising you on places to visit and on experiences not to be missed to enjoy a holiday in full relaxation and fun. The skipper will be responsible for driving the boat and will guarantee you a cheerful holiday.

The choice of having a skipper on board is very usual, not only for novices to the sailboat world, who can not sail without him but also for those who have a license but want to treat themselves to a relaxing holiday without too many thoughts, with their friends or family.

Often, in addition to the skipper, you choose to have a professional hostess on board, who will keep the common areas clean and prepare small snacks.

Which boat to choose?

Surely the hardest choice if it is the first time you approach the boat rental. Better to rent a sailboat or to rent a motorboat? And again, monohull or better to rent a catamaran?

The answer depends on many factors: type of holiday, budget, destination, crew and last but not least, type of adventure you want to live.

Are you looking for the real experience on a yacht, do you want to experience the thrill of sailing pushed by the wind in the waves of the sea? The perfect solution for you is to rent a sailboat. Let yourself be lulled by the ocean and find the true spirit of adventure that only a sailboat can offer.

Are you curious to discover the holiday on board, but you want to do it in the comfort of large and comfortable spaces, and maybe you are also a family with children on board? What you are looking for is catamaran charter. The right compromise between the experience of a sailing holiday and the comfort of a stable and spacious boat.

Speed is everything for you, do you want to reach the most beautiful coves and hidden beaches in a short time? Choose motor yacht hire. The performances of a motorboat are everything, and the comfort of this type of yacht will surprise you. In case the motorboat is your choice a little advice: pay attention to the cost of fuel. Without any sail helping you navigate and with much more powerful engines, your holiday could get out of control.

To find out more about the models of a boat, have a look at the perfect boat for your holidays.

Where to rent a sailboat?

On Sailogy you'll find boats all over the world, from the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Greece, Italy, Croatia or the Balearic Islands to the most exotic and dedicated to winter getaways, such as the Caribbean, Thailand or Maldives

Get inspired by all our destinations and itineraries and get advice from our travel consultants who will be able to suggest the perfect destination for you and your group.

Want to dive into the adventure? Not yet thought of where to spend your next summer holidays onboard? Search among the Flash Packages, offered at super discounted prices, the perfect itinerary for your needs. You will always have a skipper on board, who will be able to guide and support you throughout your holiday.

How do I book?

Nothing could be simpler! On Sailogy all the boats you see have availability updated in real time and can be booked in a few clicks. Book online your boat rental in a safe way. All boats are all part of the fleets of professional and certified charter companies.

Let our expert consultants advise you, or look for Sailogy Choice and Best Quality badges to simply find the yachts of our best partners personally selected by our team.

Pay the deposit in a totally safe way, and you will receive the confirmation of your booking in just a few seconds.

What about after booking? Don't worry, even if from now on you will have all the contacts of the base, your Sailogy consultant will be at your disposal to answer your questions and support you in any situation; before, during and after your sailing holiday.

Is a boat holiday suitable for children?

Of course, sailing holidays are suitable for everyone. In fact, children are always the most impressed by this type of holiday. Sailing holidays often become a unique and unforgettable moment for families, able not only to entertain and excite but also to teach a lot, both to parents and children. Discover all the activities on board that you can do with your children.

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

Often one of the most common myths is that a boat holiday is a holiday only for the rich, for an elite niche that can afford the luxury of renting a sailboat. Nothing more false!

Renting a boat won't cost you more than just a hotel room. On a yacht, you will also have all the tools to prepare your meals without having to go to the restaurant every night.

In addition, if you like to discover new places, explore different beaches and islands every day, go on an adventure in different cities and towns, renting a yacht you do not have to think about the cost of car, parking, highway, ferries, excursions and transfers: every cove, village and island will be easily accessible by boat.

Discover the advantages of renting a boat and forget about the usual boring hotels.

What should I pack when I go on a yacht?

By now you have let yourself be convinced, you've booked your sailing holiday, and you are ready to set sail, but the question is always the same: what to pack?

The best clothing for a sailing holiday is obviously also related to the destination you have chosen and the type of holiday you want to do. Caribbean or Norwegian Fjords? Total relaxation or unbridled adventure?

Regardless of what expects you, there are always must-haves that can never be forgotten during a boat holiday. Always remember to pack in a soft bag, it will be easier to find it a place on the boat, shoes with a white rubber sole and a waterproof case.

Find out more about our advice on what to pack for your yacht holiday and don't be surprised by the unexpected situations. And if you do not want to give up on fashion, check out our tips for having style on a sailboat.

What to eat onboard?

The question that everyone asks when they rent a boat is: will I always have to eat in a restaurant? How much will this boating holiday cost me? You don't have to worry about that. All Sailogy boats also have a fully equipped kitchenette for preparing all sorts of dishes.

When you arrive at the marina you will have plenty of time to do a little shopping and, if you don't know what to buy, follow the advice for the perfect galley on board. If you prefer to arrive with everything already arranged, once you have chosen the boat, ask your consultant to send you the shopping list to pre-order your galley.

The great thing about a sailing holiday is that everything is a surprise, even what you will taste. Every day you will reach different islands and countries with their dishes and typical products. Discover the local markets and buy some typical products to create different dishes every day.

Discover the 10 best fresh and quick dishes to prepare on board for a light lunch, so you won't have to give up a dip in the sea right after eating!

If you are the kind of person that, on holiday who just wants to relax and not have to think about cooking, we advise you to think about having a chef on board, it is your holiday, and it is right that you chill; he will take care of everything!

In any case, a holiday on board does not only mean sailing. Go ashore and discover the best restaurants on the sea. Let yourself be inspired by these 5 restaurants that can be reached by sea and discover the flavours of a 360° sailing holiday.

Can you do any sport or activity during a sailing holiday?

If you are the kind of person for whom a holiday is synonymous of adventure and fun, you will discover that you can do a lot of activities on a yacht. Water activities range from snorkelling to windsurfing, to paddle boarding and for the more adventurous you will find boats equipped for water skiing and kitesurfing. Discover the 7 best water activities to do on board.

And why not to discover more about the world of sailing? If you have chosen to hire a sailboat with skipper, take advantage of the experience of your captain to learn some secrets about sailing, get the basics of knots and understand how to recognize the winds. Here are the secrets to becoming an expert in sailing in a few steps.

Renting a sailboat or catamaran doesn't just mean sea, sea and more sea. The boat is also a means to reach unexplored places, hidden coves and islets lost and unreachable if not by boat. And once on land, you can go on an adventure; visit one of the 10 most beautiful protected marine parks in the world, get lost in the narrow streets of one of the 7 most beautiful seaside villages in the Mediterranean and, for the most daring, climb to discover the 5 hiking trails on the most beautiful cliffs in the world.

For those of you who are on holiday and want to relax, we would like to inform you that there is no need to dive into extreme activities to have fun on a yacht. If you are a lover of fishing, take advice from your skipper and discover the 5 bays where you can fish on a sailing boat, or you can treat yourself to a good book, perhaps in the wake of the sea. Here are 7 readings recommended for the beloved of yachts. Relax, it is your sailing holiday, you have earned it!