Sailing Holidays with your Family

Sailing Holidays with your Family

Discover all the reasons that makes sailing holidays and amazing adventure

Fun and excitement with sailing holidays

There is a fundamental truth in the boats' world and nautical tourism that says "sailing holidays are suitable for everyone", it is a truth that is often forgotten, we tend to think that those aboard a boat these are experiences suitable only for sporty, dynamic, young people who are in any case already experts in ropes, knots, sails and moorings.

Nothing could be further from the truth: sailing holidays often become a unique and unforgettable moment for families, able not only to entertain and excite but also to teach a lot, both to parents and children.

Sailogy puts at your disposal a large fleet of boats, from catamarans to gulets or sailboats, with rental offers with or without a skipper and, for holidays with the family, the moment of choosing your boat becomes even more important.

Although there are no absolute and general rules, if a family is at its first experience on a sailboat, slower and more spacious hulls might be more suitable, in order to allow more movement for the young guests and offer a greater sense of security to the parents.

Space then for the most spacious catamarans and able to moor much closer to the shore, for a vacation that every day will also be an opportunity for discoveries, sports and education, of different moments and tasks on board that will cement even more family ties.

Whether you have a sailing license or not, in case of family vacations the ideal solution is still a sailboat rental with a skipper on board. You will be freer to follow your children and, at the same time, you will have a figure that will teach small but important nautical concepts every day.

Help with sails when possible, wash the dishes, use the anchor, fix the cabin or collaborate in the kitchen: life during sailing holidays will offer you and your children many special moments of fun and pleasure, connected to the sea and you will discover that it is possible to grow together through the simplest daily gestures.

With the right skipper, you can enjoy sun, sea and total relax, knowing that on board there is someone who can become friends with your children, have fun with them and teach them the fundamentals of life on board.

But of course sailing holidays, regardless of the small and large duties on board, are also a moment of relaxation and exciting activities, most of all for children that will experience a unique adventure.

The list of possible activities is too long and at the end of the holiday you will discover that having fun, you and your family will have changed, pretending to be pirates, playing in the water, exploring the mysterious world under the waves, seeing dolphins and other cetaceans, travelling fast with the wind in your hair.

You will have experienced new sensations coming out enriched by an intense and exciting experience.

With Sailogy, renting a sailboat to plan a family vacation is also an opportunity for savings: compared to the cost of a hotel room, here you will find yourself saving on very many secondary expenses, from the rental of the umbrella at dinners in restaurants up to the cost of many trips.

A cabin on the sea is always more exciting, evocative and romantic than a beach view accommodation.

If you are looking for a holiday that combines adventure and relaxation, that will offer your children opportunities to learn, sailing holidays are perfect for you!