The best shores in Lipari?

The best shores in Lipari?

A word from a born-and-bred Sicilian skipper

The largest of the Aeolian Islands, Lipari encapsulates the essence of the Archipelago's history, that mix of nature, geological rarities and the most beautiful views over the islands. Lipari, in ancient times called Melingunis ('sweet' in Greek), is certainly a sweet spot of the Archipelago with its mix of naturalistic charm, historical and geological wealth. It does not come as a surprise it was awarded as UNESCO World Heritage in 2000, together with its volcanic sisters.

What are the most beautiful shores on Lipari Island? Spiaggia Bianca, Valle Muria, Papesca and many others. Discover the best ones to visit from your boat and let yourself be enchanted by the small coves to explore equipped with snorkel, mask and fins.

Lipari cliffs

The 'Faraglioni di Lipari' (photo credit to Giovanni Arena)

Ancient Melingunis is definitely a concentration of 'Aeolian-ness'. Visiting Lipari means getting a taste of the other islands. In this article, we will explore the most beautiful shores together with a true born and bred Sicilian sailor, an avid sea lover who has made sailing his passion and profession. Hello Giovanni! So, tell us a bit about yourself...

"I come from a small fishing village on the Strait of Messina and since I was a child I have grown up very close to the sea and the world of sailing. My first experience at sea was sailing a dinghy at the age of 14. A few years later, at the age of 19, I obtained my sailing licence and right after then, the title of Yacht & Monotype sailing instructor, something I obtained on Lake Garda. There, I had the opportunity to work for a couple of seasons in a sailing school as an instructor, interspersed with some wonderful skipper experience between Italy and Greece.

Giovanni Arena enthusiastic skipper and Sicilian

A born and bred Sicilian: skipper Giovanni Arena 

Being away from my childhood place made me realize how much I desired going back. And that's what I did. I came back to Sicily, where I was able to undertake a path of professional sailing growth. Now, the sailing area where I spend most of the year is the Aeolian Islands. Why these islands? It's not easy to convey in simple words what I feel when I sail there. The energy of the volcanoes, the intense blue of the water, the magma of Stromboli rolling down to the sea, the scent of the vegetation, the good food and their remote and timelessness enchant thousands of visitors every year."

My best shores in Lipari 

Capo Rosso

Spiaggia Praia di Vinci

Spiaggia Valle Muria

Spiaggia le Formiche

Spiaggia Papesca

Capo Rosso 

"Capo Rosso or rather the Spiaggia Bianca di Lipari (White Beach of Lipari) is located on the north-eastern side of the island. It is considered the most beautiful beach because of its colour given by the white rock that stands majestically behind it and is clearly visible from the sea.

Capo Rosso Nautical map

The sea is particularly warm and turquoise in colour. The seabed consists of pumice sediments. It is an easy landing place as it offers ample space for anchoring on a sandy seabed ranging from 5 to 10 metres. We recommend stopping here during the day for snorkelling, but also at night to take advantage of the intense darkness and lose yourself among the millions of stars. 

Crystalline waters in Capo Rosso

The crystalline waters in Capo Rosso (photo credit to Giovanni Arena)

The sea here in Capo Rosso is particularly warm and deep turquoise. Here you will find characteristic used jetties that were once used to transport mined goods.

"Why these islands? It's not easy to convey in simple words what I feel when I sail there. The energy of the volcanoes, the intense blue of the water, the magma of Stromboli rolling down to the sea, the scent of the vegetation, the good food and their remote and timelessness enchant thousands of visitors every year."

Spiaggia Praia di Vinci 

Spiaggia Praia di Vinci is located at the southern end of the island, near Punta Crepazza. It is particularly beautiful as it is an unspoilt paradise that can only be reached by boat. The seabed is sandy with a few pebbles. The water is beautifully crystal clear, reason why it is perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts. The anchorage on a sandy bottom of 8-15 metres is very suggestive also because from there you can admire the faraglioni and the crater of the island of Vulcano. 

Spiaggia di Praia di Vinci from onboard

Spiaggia di Praia di Vinci from onboard (photo credit to Giovanni Arena)

"The water in Spiaggia di Praia di Vinci is beautifully crystal clear, the reason why it is perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts. "

Spiaggia Valle Muria 

Spiaggia di Valle Muria Nautical map

On the western side, i.e. opposite the village, there is a tongue of sand and pebbles with a majestic rock behind it that is light in colour, sometimes pink, embracing the beach, which is characterised by the presence of small caves dug into the rock. It is easily reached by sea or by a small path from the village. Anchorage here is also comfortable and safe, given the sandy seabed. 

Spiaggia le Formiche

Le Formiche is located opposite the southwest coast of the island of Lipari. They are outcropping rocks belonging to a shoal.

Cliffs by Le Formiche Lipari

Cliffs by Le Formiche (photo credit to Giovanni Arena)

It can be challenging to sail from the west so I recommend sailing to the east. It is possible to anchor a little further north in front of the majestic rock on a sandy bottom that ranges from 8 to 15 metres to enjoy the unspoilt scenery of the coloured walls, countless caves, passages and tunnels. The volcanic rock arch of Punta Perciato, shaped by the sea and the wind, is also impressive."

Arriving in Marina Corta, Lipari (video credit to Giovanni Arena)

Spiaggia Papesca 

In the north-eastern part of the island, not far from the beach of Canneto, in the area of the obsidian and pumice quarries, lies the beach of Papesca, the 'white beach' bathed by crystal clear waters.

You will be struck by the blinding whiteness of the coastline due to the very high presence of pumice. An ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle, to find a rhythm and time more in keeping with your relationship with nature. In the distance, you will also be intrigued by the pontoons that were once used to transport the material extracted from the quarries to the ships. The beach is well equipped and has a kiosk for all your needs. The sunset is one of the magical moments to be shared. A marvellous play of light, mirrors and shades to admire in silence. The area offers plenty of places to enjoy the view and perhaps find the best shot for your holiday.

We thank you, Giovanni, for sharing your precious advice on the most beautiful shores in Lipari and your sailing tips will be very useful for those looking to explore the Aeolian Islands by boat. You can follow Giovanni's sailing adventures on Instagram @vita_da_barca

See you next time and good wind! 

Visiting Lipari by boat

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