Trekking in Cilento

Trekking in Cilento

The local guide to the best paths to walk on not far from the coast

The Valinas of Paestum and Velia and the Certosa di Padula, part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1998, are but a few of the places that make Cilento so attractive to many. Blessed by a nearly all-year-long sun, this region is abundant with olive trees, chestnut and evergreen woods, crossed by wild streams and lapped by a deep blue sea. One of Europe's largest nature reserves is right in Cilento: the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and two marine-protected oases, Punta Licosa, between Agropoli and Castellabate, and Punta Infreschi, between Palinuro and Scario. If you pick Campania as your destination for sailing, you'll soon find that the inland landscape is worth a trek, especially if you're into exploring nature on foot. This article presents a pleasant immersion in "the Cilento to walk" along the most beautiful paths that you will find easily accessible from the coast. 

To do that, we've asked a Cilento native and trekking passionate, Federica Giuliano. Federica lives in Cilento and is a Tourist Services Technician and a Community Manager at Lucus Cilento. So, where shall we go for a walk, Federica? 

Sentiero del Tresino

The Sentiero del Tresino starts at Baia di Trentova - Agropoli in the province of Salerno, an easy loop walk, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, which starts right from the bay. It is the ideal place for outdoor sports. In some places, the path skirts the sea and leads to the hill of Monte Tresino, overlooking the valley towards the Gulf of Salerno and inland Cilento. Along the trail, it is worth stopping at the edge of San Giovanni al Tresino. Length: 13km 200m ascent.

Federica in Action!

Federica in action! 

Il Sentiero Lentiscelle Porto Infreschi 

A 5km walk all along the sea at about 400m ascent. The Sentiero Sentiero Lentiscelle Porto Infreschi is the ideal route for all types of trekking, leading to the discovery of the most beautiful beaches on the Cilento coast. We are in Marina di Camerota, in the province of Salerno. 

I recommend you take a look at this site if you are interested in learning more about this path because it leads to several stops. Sentiro Lentiscelle Porto Infreschi - learn more

Marina di Camerota, Cilento

La Spiaggia della Molpa 

Characterised by its rocky walls, Falesie Della Molpa is a very popular path for climbers. In fact, you'll find several routes to climb up to the cliffs. We are in the proximity of Palinuro.

Here it is possible to do urban trekking in the historic centres of Agropoli, San Marco di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Pisciotta, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and Scario.

Il Sentiero del Castelluccio a Pisciotta 

One of the most popular trekking trails in Pisciotta is the Castelluccio trail, which runs through the territories of Rodio, Pisciotta and Caprioli. You can start this path at different points and from all three villages. The Castelluccio trekking route is fairly demanding. The most extended version involves a journey of over 10 kilometres and over 500 metres in height gain, reaching the summit of Castelluccio at 701 metres above sea level. Learn more on the Castelluccio Path in Pisciotta

Il comune di Pisciotta

The town of Pisciotta

Il Sentiero degli Innamorati ad Ascea

The path is fairly straightforward and accessible to most people. One peculiarity is that it is mostly made of steps. The views from the belvederes are quite special, though. It stretches from the Scogliera di Ascea Marina at Punta del Telegrafo and can be reached via a wooden walkway made of steps and ups and downs. The itinerary is 3 km long and has a total height difference of about 140 metres; it can be covered in just over two hours and is characterised by strategic points offering breathtaking views. Immersed in the Mediterranean maquis, you will find wild cyclamen, sea fennel, a large quantity of myrtle, the Cilento juniper, and the sea lily, depending on the season flowering on the beach below. Once at the top, you will be enraptured by a beautiful view of the Gulf of Velia, allowing you to discern even Cape Palinuro. The final destination of the Lovers' Path is the Saracen Tower. 

Capo Palinuro

Path around Cape Palinuro

Il sentiero di Punta Licosa a Castellabate

This path is not particularly difficult and can also be cycled by bike. What makes the path so unique is the beauty of the place, where man has built little and nature has preserved a marvellous spectacle for us. The height difference is close to zero: it will be a relaxing walk between the pine forest and the sea. From Castellabate, you can descend to the village of San Marco. There are plenty of signs for Punta Licosa, and the first CAI markers also appear. From the small port, walk along the track running parallel to the coast and connecting the village to the numerous holiday homes. Despite the few sea views due to the vegetation, this first stretch is nevertheless varied and pleasant—beautiful villas overlooking the sea alternate with Mediterranean scrub and a few cultivated plots.

Federica lives in Cilento and is a Tourism Services Technician and Community Manager at Lucus Cilento @lucus_cilento - Follow her on Instagram @federicagiuliano17

Beautiful cristalline waters in Punta Licosa