With a Gulet in Marmaris

With a Gulet in Marmaris

How Your Vacation in Marmaris Can Get Better by Renting a Gulet!


Marmaris is one of those places that people will tell you might not be that good but you will end up having a great time at. True, the place doesn’t have much in the way of cultural attractions, and the Turks that you encounter are not actually locals from the area, yet Marmaris has something magical about it. The beauty all around is rugged and will leave you in awe. The peninsulas of Bozburun and Datca make the landscape look as if it is out of a picture postcard.


Charter a Gulet!

You will see a lot of gulets in Marmaris. They are the preferred kind of boats. Gulets look particularly beautiful. They are made out of wood, and have two or three masts. You can rent one and live the dream for yourself. It is best if you book one for yourself online before-hand, because the place is always thronged by tourists and you never know if you may or may not get one immediately when you want it. And if you haven’t tried sailing a gulet before, you won’t even know how good, sturdy or safe is the boat you are getting. In this case it is best to get your boat from somewhere that guarantees the quality of the boat. 


Marmaris has narrow beaches full of big round pebbles. You will often find people swimming here. Carry heavy sunscreen in the summer months, as it can get very hot here. It can get very crowded at times, but the general environment is fun-filled. A few kilometres from Marmaris are two beaches that you absolutely cannot miss, because of their sheer beauty – Icmeler and Turunc. You can charter a gulet and seek out these places on your own. If you like swimming, you will be in heaven at these places. Beautiful, clear waters that are comparatively much less crowded.


Do What you Love!


Renting a gulet allows you to do what you love, and there’s nobody stopping you. If it’s a holiday you’ve taken, you need to have the freedom too. If you are into photography, definitely carry your camera with you while sailing on your gulet. You will see amazing sights. Especially if you are out at sunset or sundown, prepare to be awed.


What to do When You are on Land?

If you do want to get a feel of what the original Marmaris must have been like, do pay the Old Town a visit. When you are walking in the lanes around the Marmaris Castle, you will feel as if you belong to another era. It is a very picturesque experience and contains what little is left of old, historical buildings in Marmaris. When you are standing at the Castle, you can almost imagine Suleyman the Magnificent calling commands to his troops, as this was the area where he assembled his troops before any battle.


If you are looking for some old world peace, do not forget to visit the Jinan Garden. It has a pagoda which looks awe-inspiring under the sunlight. It also has calming waters. Make a day of it, and get the most out of this getaway. Jinan Garden also has a very different kind of tea house, that is said to relax anyone who experiences it.


Marmaris also has a great nightlife, so for those of you who are young and ready to party all night long, it is the place to be. Marmaris is usually crowded by British, Scandivian and Russian tourists all looking for a good time. You can be sure that you won’t get bored here. Do try out the small, quaint cafes that you might find in hidden street corners, the ones that may not be very crowded, for a taste of the authentic cuisine of the region.


Make sure to book your hotels beforehand, because Marmaris has a huge influx of tourists.


Charter Your Gulet from Us

You can comfortably charter your gulet from our website with just a few clicks. You will have many of them to choose from. You can even get help from our boating experts for choosing a gulet based on your sailing experience and the number of people in your travelling group. We also provide the option of talking to the owner of the boat. All our boats have been inspected thoroughly before being listed on the website, so you can rest assured that you will have a safe trip.