Yacht Charter in Fethiye

Yacht Charter in Fethiye

Find the Turkish Charm with a Yacht Charter in Fethiye

Thousands of people look into a yacht charter in Fethiye each year and it isn’t hard to see why.  There is gorgeous scenery available as far as you can see and there are so many things to explore.  You can sail along the coastline and enjoy the views or sit back and relax on deck of the yacht while you get a few rays.

What Is The Weather Like In Fethiye?

From the months of May until October the weather is very much the same.  This is the Turkish summer time really in Fethiye because it is long, hot and very dry!  Now, temperatures can range from the mid twenties onwards so it offers consistency throughout.  Sometimes you can experience temperatures reaching thirty, sometimes, forty so you have to be prepared for hot days.

When to Sail?

The morning is probably around the best time to set sail.  If you are planning to hire a yacht then you are best to set out first thing in the morning.  This is when the conditions are at their best.  The tides are calm in the mornings but you get a slight breeze.  Wind speeds aren’t too great either which is good if you aren’t happy with high winds.  During the day, the conditions can change slightly.  A yacht charter Fethiye can be perfect at any time though.

Midday and afternoon breezes usually become windier and head southerly but most aren’t too powerful.  That being said, every day is different from the next so you have to get to know what the upcoming days are going to be like.  However, usually the summer months are pretty calm and collective.  Winds can be anything from four knots and twelve so not over the top.

However, overnight the conditions are quite calm as well.  Wind speeds are light and breezy though again it does depend on where you sail.  Every area can be quite different as some hit force two winds; some however can reach three or four force winds so it varies slightly.  There aren’t many swells though from these winds which mean if you want to do a spot of night sailing you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Yacht Charter in Fethiye?

Most seem to believe that the peak times are best because it is when the weather is at its best.  However, while July and August can be great times to set sail and go on a sailing vacation to Fethiye, you don’t just need to stick to these times.  You can actually go in late October.

Now, while you might not think October is the right time to look into a yacht charter in Fethiye, it can be.  This is the best time to avoid the larger crowds as usually July and August are the times with the most tourists, even May and September can be busy but October isn’t as busy.  The weather is perfect because it is still in the mid twenty range and best of all, not many people get the chance to go on vacation during these times as most prefer summer. 

However, you could take a later vacation and head out in October if you wanted a quieter holiday.  Then again, if you plan to do a lot of sailing then any time between May and October can be great.  It really comes down to how you plan to spend the vacation; are you planning to stay off shore the entire time or split the vacation so that you get to spend time on and off shore?  No matter what you plan you can find it when you hire a yacht in Fethiye.