Rent a Motorboat in Aeolian Islands

Motorboat Hire in Aeolian Islands

When you visit the Aeolian Islands, the best way to get around the archipelago is by water. So you can enjoy a faster and more convenient trip compared to sharing ferries with strangers and other tourists, then you can just rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands! This way, you can have as much privacy as you want and go island hopping at your own time and pace. 

There’s so much to explore and discover when you are in the Aeolian Islands. Whether it’s your first time to go on an island-hopping trip or your hundredth time in this lifetime, you will still surely have the grandest time because this archipelago is just too magnificent to resist! In fact, the Aeolian Islands is now a UNESCO-protected area so expect an unspoiled, and a simply beautiful and natural group of islands during your trip. 

When you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands, you can get a skipper to help you man the boat and guide you around the islands. The skipper will be the boat captain so that means you can just sit back and do nothing. After all, the surroundings are just so breathtakingly beautiful and you wouldn’t want any kind of distraction while exploring the archipelago. On the other hand, if you prefer more privacy and you’re confident with your powerboating skills, then you can definitely just skip the skipper option! 

Vulcano is one of the most magnificent islands in the Aeolian Islands. It has an active volcano so it smells like sulfur in the area - better bring your face mask! It deserves a day trip though. There are pretty black sand beaches and relaxing warm mud baths you can try out too! 

Back in the day, more tourists would go to Stromboli to see the volcano in the area. However, in 2007, there was a small volcanic eruption that forced many locals out. Today, it still remains beautiful and magical - too beautiful, in fact, even the famous designers Dolce and Gabbana built their vacation home here! There are no cars here too. So if you’re docking in Stromboli, prepare to travel by boat or ride a mule. 

There are seven islands in Aeolian Islands. When you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands, you can visit all of these beautiful islands that include Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi. 

Do you like parties? Then you should dock at Panarea too. This is where you can find some of the best nightclubs in all of Italy. There are white villages with pretty flat roofs. There are also so many lovely flowers scattered around the villages and the rest of the island. Again, no cars here but at least you can ride an electric bike or golf cart to get around. Come night time, the music will begin to play and you can dance ‘til closing time with some drinks in hand. 

Most of these islands have authentic Italian restaurants where you can enjoy the best Italian cuisines prepared by local chefs using the freshest ingredients. Of course, there’s wine too, which will be the cherry on top of every great meal. You can check in to some of the hotels in these islands or you can also choose to stay in your boat. 

Rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands and choose from a wide range of motorboats in all sizes, models, and you can also choose according to your budget. Whether you’re going with or without a skipper, you can find the best boat that you can use during your vacation and book it conveniently at Sailogy! 

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