Rent a Sailboat in Aeolian Islands Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Aeolian Islands Without Skipper

Planning to rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper? You can do so and plan ahead conveniently through Sailogy. There’s so much to explore and discover in this beautiful archipelago. It is too magnificent that UNESCO had to declare that they are protecting this group of islands. So if you’re in for an old and charming Italian adventure, then you should definitely visit the Aeolian Islands. 

You must have a license to sail and some experience on a sailboat when you want to rent one without a skipper. The skipper plays the captain's role when you get one so if you should go on your own, you must be very confident with your sailing skills. No worries though because when you choose a boat, you can already see in advance its power capacity, seating capacity, features, amenities, the year it was built, and other information. You can even choose a sailboat based on the price of the length of your stay. 

When you visit the Aeolian Islands, the first stop would have to be Vulcano. This is going to be a day trip only because the active volcano on the island still gives out that sulphuric scent, which can certainly give you a headache if you’re staying overnight. If you’re sensitive, then just wear a face mask and you’ll be just fine. You can’t miss out on the fun on this island with its lovely black sanded beaches, warm mud baths, and more! 

How about a cultural trip to old Italy? When you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper, you must make a stop at the largest and liveliest island in the archipelago, Lipari. While you’re there, drop by the Aeolian Archaeological Museum where you can see Roman amphorae, theatrical masks, small statues, neolithic vases, and more! There are also a ton of food choices in the many charming restaurants in the area. Finally, you shouldn’t miss the White Beach called Spiagga Bianca with waters so clear and blue just like you went down on a trip to the Bahamas! 

Salina is the next largest island and it became very popular across the world after it was featured in the 1994 Il Postino movie. It also has great restaurants, charming shops, and more. Feel like hiking? Take your coat with you because it gets really cold on top of the highest peak on the island, the Monte Fossa delle Felci! 

Rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper and have the freedom to head to any direction you would like. Drop by Panarea too. It is just in the northeast of Salina. It features charming white villages, lovely flowers all around, and some of Italy’s best nightclubs! By the way, there are no cars here. Forms of transportation include electric bikes and golf carts. By nightfall, you can hear the music coming from the island as there are lots of dancing and drinks with the locals and tourists! 

Though there are comfortable hotels in most of the islands, you won’t have to worry much about finding accommodation especially when you get a large sailing boat just for you. When you rent a sailboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper - the boat is all yours for the duration of your stay!

Just go to Sailogy and take your pick. It wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to choose from the wide range of sailboats that you can choose from based on your budget, preferences, and more. Your dream vacation is truly within reach and that could be a trip down to the Aeolian Islands. Prepare your trip in advance and book your sailboat today! 

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