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Taking a sailing holiday in Croatia is easy: the long coast of the country overlooking the Adriatic Sea in front of Italy is in fact a true nautical paradise within reach of all those who like to go sailing. A very short distance away from the coasts of our home, in fact, it is possible to rent a boat in Croatia that could allow you to sail along this endless coastline and through its multiple archipelagos and the many islands, both big and very small.

Croatia, in fact, hosts well over 5,835 kilometers of coastline, 4,058 of which belong precisely to the coast of the 1,185 islands that are part of the country: a real blessing for those who love taking sailing holidays. And the boat hire in Croatia is widespread and well regulated, also because once you leave Trieste and Italy all you have to do is just fill out some simple forms and the cruise is ready to start hassle-free.
And arriving from the north the first Croatian territory that is discovered is the Istria one: it's a large peninsula located in the western part of the country, just south of where, then, you can find the beautiful islands belonging to the Kvarner Bay, among which the largest and most famous ones are Krk, Rab, Cres, Losinj and Pag. Roman, Venetian and Italian, during different periods of its troubled history, Istria offers many solutions both for the boat hire or for a yacht charter: not to mention that it is a territory rich in history and natural beauty that is located no more than thirty kilometers from Italy; with which it does not have a direct border because it is divided by the narrow Istrian land of the Slovenia coast.

Once you leave Istria behind you reach the other major Croatian coastal region, the Dalmatia: beautiful sailing holidays in Croatia for example can take place by sailing along the northern stretch of the Dalmatian coast, the one between the cities of Zadar and Sibenik and the vast stretch of sea in front of them. Here are located the islands belonging to the archipelago of Zadar, the most famous of which is Dugi Otok, the so-called "long island", and the smaller ones that, instead, are part of the archipelago of Kornati. Perfect destination for those looking for a special yacht hire in Croatia, are the Kornati which are 89, counting all the major islands and all the tiny islets, and make up a particularly beautiful archipelago, so much that is has always been protected by a National Park, wild and full of caves.

After you cross then the little town of Sibenik begins the territory that encloses the low coast of central Dalmatia, the beautiful and ancient city of Split and the equally fascinating islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis. We are in another magical area, in which there are many perfect occasions for renting: boats of all sizes and all types, mono-hulls and catamarans are available to the Italian enthusiast sailors who every summer, in ever growing numbers, decide to spend sailing holidays at these latitudes. Further south we have now reached finally Southern Dalmatia, in the spot where are located the ancient seafaring enclave of Dubrovnik, but not only.
Even here you can find in the Adriatic another spectacular group of islands and islets, the most famous among them are those of Korcula, Lastovo and Mljet: this latter one is especially interesting because most of its territory is protected by a National Park. So much that it can really be a suitable destination for a holiday that starts from a yacht charter at any point in the "long" Croatia: precisely on the island of Mljet in fact we discover a little paradise made of woods that slope down to the sea, and of lonely beaches. Basically, boat rental in Croatia transports you to a land of beauties for all tastes and it's no surprise discovering that since the beginning of the nineteenth century the many Croatian natural beauties began to be understood and exploited for medical and touristic purposes.
In 1863 the brothers Mihaljevic organized the first trip from Vienna to Zagreb to show to the rich Austrians and Hungarians the beauty and the benefits of the Croatian climate and countryside, while in 1884 begins the real transformation of the city of Opatija into a real vacation spot. But even the rest of the Croatian coast changed, and in 1897 the construction of another famous hotel for the elite, Hotel Imperial Dubrovnik, was completed. Once the bloody period of the World Wars ended, Croatia became an integral part of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, ruled by the authoritarian government of General Tito.

Authoritarian but fully aware of the economic importance of tourism for the Yugoslav nation's treasury, and thus Croatian. In fact, despite the closure policy towards the West of the country due to the Soviet block, Tito opened, from the '50s the doors of the Croatian coasts to tourists coming from nearby Germany and Austria: since the beginning of the century Croatia was in fact considered by all the Central European vacationers as the "natural" beach destination. From that moment starts a long escalation of tourist successes for the beautiful Croatian coast, interrupted only during the independence war period in the mid-nineties.