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The ideal destination for a sailing holiday? Italy obviously, with its 7456 kilometers of coastline which make it the most "nautical" country in the whole Mediterranean. Perfect to find the ideal cruise and also the ideal yacht charter, in Italy you can find any kind and all along the perimeter of the "Boot": from Ventimiglia, in the far West, to Trieste, in the far East, but also on all major islands, which are Sardinia and Sicily, and in all the minor archipelagos; from the Aeolian to the Pontine, from the Egadi to the Flegree. Without forgetting the coast itself which is basically a long stretch of sand and millennial rocks among where ports and natural harbors open, envied by the world and that are the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy every variant of a sailing holiday in Italy.

It is no coincidence then that the Italians have developed a seafaring and navigation tradition dating back to the Roman times and which is still today going strong, even in terms of passion for the sea. And who is not a ship owner does not renounce to a sailing holiday: boat hire in Italy is a simple practice that can be carried out at any of the many focal points of the maritime vacation. Like in Sardinia, queen island of the Mediterranean, in turn surrounded not only by postcard beaches and inlets but also by other even smaller islets, but not less fascinating whatsoever. Just think about the Island of St. Peter or Asinara, but above all the magical Maddalena Archipelago.
Here, in fact, yacht charter for the summer is not just a long tradition but a practice that makes it easy to visit a real paradise.

Aside from being a very pleasant destination for those who love the sea for its beauty and the transparency of its waters, the Maddalena Archipelago also attracts a lot of uncontaminated nature lovers who among its islands are sure to find a very special ecosystem. The reason is simple: the whole area is protected by a National Park which stretches for a total area (above and under the sea) of 18 thousand hectares and approximately 18 kilometers of coastline. And as favorite sailing holiday destination in Italy, let's not forget to mention Sicily: around the Trinacria, in fact, like in Sardinia, one discovers a thousand fascinating coves and even more fantastic islands. Perfect to discover via sea after having obviously rented a sailboat, in Italy of course, but where? At the Aeolian Islands or Egadi Islands, for example, magical and even uncontaminated lands that surprise for the beauty of their waters and the magic of their nature.

Even if, thinking about the Italian coast, regions such as Liguria, Tuscany and Lazio, with their islands, are perfect destinations for sea enthusiastic, it is in Campania that wherever a sailor decides to disembark, he will find what he seeks. Meaning fascinating nature, unique one-of-a-kind historical vestiges, friendly and fun people, gastronomy that conquers even the most refined palates. And let's not forget that by sailing inshore there's also the chance to drop anchor in some of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean such as those of Marina di Ieranto and Conca dei Marini.

So, once the boat hire is taken care of, in Italy how can you not dream of dropping the anchor in Capri between the Faraglioni or among the wild coasts of Ischia and Procida? While to visit via sea Calabria, you can also leave from Basilicata: because the beautiful town of Maratea is the great starting point of a long and beautiful navigation that can be done around the "tip" of Italy, and that leads you to discover fantastic places like Diamante and Tropea, Reggio Calabria and Scilla, Capo Rizzuto and Crotone.

And let's not forget the very high cliffs of the Costa Viola whose crags open up to beautiful sandy beaches and the long white sandy coastline of the Ionian Calabria, which is overlooked by the villages of Brancaleone and Soverato. By remaining in the south for a yacht hire in Italy, you can also encounter that which is the third region in terms of coastal development, after Sicily and Sardinia, meaning Apulia: a territory that offers, to those sailors who dream to circumnavigate it, well over 834 km of coast. And let's not disdain, for a dream cruise in Italy, also the Adriatic side of the country: both in its median part, along the seashore that unites the coastal areas of Marche and Emilia Romagna, and in the far north.

It is especially here, in the undulated coastlines of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, that in summer it's nice to sail and admire unique places around the Mediterranean, such as the splendid Lagoon, the Lido and the city of Venice, and beyond. In these latitudes, there are also in fact the beautiful lagoons of Marano and Grado and Trieste

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