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A journey to Europe's borders and beyond: this is the possibility given to those who decide to book a sailing holiday in Turkey. The great Ottoman country, in fact, has always been the bridge between the Old Continent and Asia, continent which large part of its territory and its coasts belong to. An exotic world yet close and easily accessible: finding the ideal boat hire in Turkey is in fact very easy and even, on average, quite cheap. And if the most northern part of the Turkish coast is the one that overlooks the enclosed Sea of Marmara and that houses the vestiges of the legendary city of Troy, at the south of the Dardanelles Strait begins the long Aegean coast.

Whose first stretch, known as the coast of Eolia, is also the first destination much loved by the Italians who dream of spending their sailing holidays in Turkey. We are located in the Turkish coastal stretch that reaches the largest city and port of Izmir: and it is here that you can discover over three hundred kilometers of coastline, tortuous and rich of many secluded inlets where you can drop the anchor for a day or more. Those who decide to find a boat hire in Turkey for their sailing holidays here have the opportunity to admire also the coasts of the three bays of Edremit, Candarli and Izmir. And still in the same area, over the Aegean Sea overlook as well real little gems of nature like the small islands of the Ayvalik Archipelago. As confirmation that a yacht charter in Turkey means making continuous wonderful discoveries, after the Eolia, just south, you can discover another beautiful Ottoman region: The Ionia, named in honor of Ion, the mythical son of Creusa and god Apollo. From a geographical point of view, it stretches between the town of Cesme and the southern part of the wide Gulf of Gulluk. There are a lot of things not to be missed here as well, and the opportunities to find the perfect yacht hire in Turkey are many.

Without forgetting that right in the first Ionia hinterland there are many the great archaeological areas: the must-see ones, for anyone who comes on a cruise in these areas, are certainly those of the magnificent Ephesus, Priene and Miletus. Their vestiges bring to the present day the echo of hellenistic history. In particular, Ephesus is a magnificent city that, in the course of its long history, which began in the first millennium BC and ended in the 1500s, was a major political and commercial center of Anatolia. The visit to its modern archaeological site starts from a special location: is the so-called Cave of the Seven Sleepers, a cave which according to the legend served as a sepulcher for some Christian martyrs. Two interesting Roman monuments are the gymnasium of Vedius, built in 150 A.D., and the stadium, built at the time of Nero.
You then reach the Via Arcadian, one of the most famous streets since the ancient times, and that led from the landing jetty to the theater. This is one of the most spectacular buildings in the city of Ephesus and was built by the Romans in the first century A.D. From here, through the monumental Vicino there is also the temple of Serapis, while not far away stands the façade of the amazing and unique library of Celsus. You still have not found what suits you and you are always looking for the perfect yacht charter in Turkey? Then the fascinating and lively Bodrum, main center of the Ottoman region of Caria, is the place for you. Yes, because sailing through the calm waters of the Gulf of Gocova and the coasts of Halicarnassus (this is the ancient and famous name of the ultramodern Bodrum) means to meet many sheltered and wild coves like those between Cokertme and Sehir Adalari or like those who sink as fjords in the tapered coast of Caria, between Sehir Adalari, Degirmen Buku and Yedi Adalari.

But the chances for a great boat hire in Turkey are far from over: south of Caria we enter the region of Lycia, along the magnificent coastline by the name of Turquoise Coast. Located between the famous and touristic destinations of Marmaris and Antalya, it also marks the end of the Aegean coast and the beginning of the Turkish Mediterranean. From Marmaris then we can sail towards the east and reach right away spectacular sceneries such as the Gulf of Ekincik, from which the ancient Caunos overlooks, or that of the great and deep bay of Fethiye Körfezi. Closed to the southeast from the homonym little town, is an uninhabited bay, where we discover fabulous moorings. A few more miles east instead appears before our eyes the phenomenal lagoon of Olu Deniz, with its turquoise waters. Deeply carved into the coast north of Kalkan it has a special feature: the boat is moored outside and you enter "by foot."
Finally, let's not forget that, thanks to a boat rental in Turkey you can go and get acquainted with the rich Turkish gastronomy: it is a cuisine which owes its great variety to the fact that it comes from the encounter of Asian cuisine with that of southern Europe. Fragrant and rich in spices, it offers specialties where meat and fish flavors coexist with fresh vegetables. The main dressing is olive oil, but many spices are also used, the main ingredient in the gastronomy of eastern derivation. It's all based on fresh ingredients: meat and fish cooked on the embers of aromatic woods are the principles of the Turkish cuisine, while the desserts are made with honey, almonds, eggs and milk. Among the best dishes the most famous one is the Hungar Begendi (whose name translates into "His Majesty has much appreciated"), a superb stew made of lamb with onions, tomatoes and eggplant puree. And for every good dish you appreciate you must say "elinize saglik", a phrase that literally means "God bless your hands" (that prepared it ...).