Security deposit insurance policy

Ouest Assurance proposes an insurance policy against damage for a leased pleasure vessel

What does the security deposit insurance mean?

Insured risks:

The insurance excess repurchase covers damages to the boat resulting from a "sea event" while cruising as a reasonable person. The "sea event" defines itself as damage resulting from external collisions of your boat with a fixed or moving body, or from fire or explosion, or unpredictable natural events of exceptional intensity, affecting the boat.

How does it work and how can I subscribe to this service?

When you rent a boat a charter company will ask you to leave a deposit upon embarkation as indicated on your charter contract.

This deposit is a guarantee for the charter company in case of damage and is usually equal to or higher than the boat damage insurance excess. The deposit covers this boat damage insurance excess, the equipment loss or theft, and damages to third parties.

Whatever your country of residence, you can lower your risk by subscribing to the Ouest Assurances insurance excess repurchase.

While cruising as a reasonable person, this insurance covers damages to the boat resulting from an external collision with a fixed or moving body.

You can choose to insure the security deposit of your booking at any stage of your reservation prior to your departure directly on your vacation page.

In order to subscribe to this service, you just need to pay a small fee on your vacation page.

You may find the complete Terms and Conditions here