8 Bays you can only get to by boat

Greece. Spain. Sardinia. Get there by boat. You'll be amazed.

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Tired of the usual holidays on overcrowded beaches where there is no room to relax?  Are you always looking for hidden and uncrowded bays and beaches? Do you want to enjoy the sun and take a dip in the crystal clear and pristine waters? Surely the boat rental is the right solution for you.

On board, there are no more fights over the best place on the shore with those who arrive early in the morning dragging behind them an endless series of umbrellas, sunbeds, rackets and cooler bags.

On your yacht there it's just you and your crew, no one will complain about the loud music, drinks and icicles are always chilly in the fridge and the pole-position spot, facing the sea, is already included in the package.

Also, if you want to take a relaxing walk on the beach, you can reach by boat beaches that are inaccessible from the mainland, intended only for the lucky few who have decided to book a holiday on a sailing boat or a catamaran. 

Get there by boat. You'll be amazed.

1.    Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navido Beach

In the south of Ionian Greece, precisely in Zakynthos, lies this spectacular bay, famous for the wreck of a boat that was stranded on its shores in 1980.

This beach is only accessible by boat as it is surrounded by high cliffs overlooking the sea and covered with dense vegetation that hardly allows the passage from the land.

The nearest base from where you can rent a yacht to visit the island of Zakynthos is Lefkada. Discover all the offers of boat rental with skipper or without to Zakynthos.

2.    Rodas Beach, Spain

Rodas Beach, Spain

Are you looking for a piece of the Caribbean without having to cross the ocean? Then you can't miss Rodas Beach, on the west coast of Spain, on the island of Cies.

The beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and is located within the protected nature reserve of the Galician islands.

Discover sailing boat rental in Vigo with skipper or without to visit this beautiful beach.

3.    Chiana di Luna, Ponza

Chiaia di Luna

This beach is located in the Pontine archipelago and has been closed to the public for many years now because of the inaccessibility of the road to the beach.

Currently, the only way to enjoy the crystal clear waters of this bay is to reach it by sea. Hurry, however, it seems that soon the connection from land will be reopened.

If you want to visit this beautiful beach, there are many bases where you can rent a yacht. Discover all our offers for sailing boat or catamaran rental with or without skipper in Campania.

4.    Cala Granara, Maddalena Archipelago

Cala Granara Maddalena

White sand, water so crystal clear as to be almost transparent, perfect for lovers of diving, this is Cala Granara located on the island of Spargi. A paradise on earth!

To visit the Archipelago of La Maddalena, you can rent a boat with or without skipper from Cannigione.

5.    Mezzaluna Gulf, Sardinia

Mezzaluna Gulf Sardinia

Located in the south of Sardinia, precisely on the island of San Pietro in Carloforte, this Gulf is characterized by rocky walls with high rocky walls that surround it, a spectacle for those who love bare landscapes and tranquillity.

The best way to visit the Mezzaluna Gulf is with a boat rental in Cagliari with or without skipper or directly to Carloforte.

6.    Cala Luna, Sardinia

Cala Luna

In the Gulf of Orosei, on the east coast of Sardinia, we find this beautiful beach that stretches between the turquoise sea and a freshwater lake, all framed by coves and caves formed by the erosion of the sea.

As evidence of the beauty of this cove, there is that it was chosen as a set for several films, as " Swept Away". Absolutely not to be missed!

To discover this beautiful bay you can book a sailing boat rental with or without skipper from Portisco.

7.    Beach of Saleccia, Corsica

Beach of Saleccia, Corsica

Known as the most beautiful beach in Corsica, the beach of Saleccia is a pristine place and devoid of any kind of accommodation: perfect for those seeking relaxation and peace lulled by the waves of the sea.

The most comfortable bases to rent a sailing boat or catamaran with or without skipper to reach this fantastic beach are Macinaggio and Calvi.

8.    Punta Crena beach, Liguria

Punta Crena Beach

In the province of Savona, the beach of Punta Crena is famous not only for its crystal clear turquoise sea and white sand but especially for its reputation as a reserved and isolated spot. Reachable only by sea, this small beach is very popular with those seeking peace and quiet.

The beach is easily accessible by renting a boat from Genoa.

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