Top Late-Summer Sailing Destinations in Europe

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Late summer is a golden period for sailing enthusiasts, as the weather remains warm, the seas are calm, and the crowds begin to disperse. Europe's diverse coastline offers a plethora of sailing destinations that allow seafarers to explore picturesque landscapes, embrace local cultures, and indulge in aquatic adventures.

Whether you're an experienced sailor or a first-time cruiser, the following destinations offer an array of experiences that blend culture, adventure, and relaxation. So, hoist your sails and embark on an unforgettable journey through Europe's late-summer maritime paradises!






1. The Greek Islands

Greece's enchanting archipelago, with its crystal-clear waters and sun-soaked landscapes, ranks high on every sailor's dream list. From Santorini's iconic white-washed buildings to Corfu's lush greenery, the Greek Islands offer a diverse range of destinations. Late summer brings pleasant temperatures, gentle winds, and a more relaxed atmosphere as the peak tourist season wanes. Discover hidden coves, ancient ruins, and charming fishing villages as you navigate this seafarer's paradise.

The maritime weather in this region during this time is generally pleasant. During September, the Aegean Sea sees a gradual cooling from the hotter summer months. Daytime temperatures typically range from around 24°C to 28°C (75°F to 82°F) in most areas, and can occasionally reach higher values on particularly warm days. 

Sea temperatures generally range from about 23°C to 25°C (73°F to 77°F), making it a comfortable and refreshing environment for aquatic adventures.

The strong summer winds, known as the "Meltemi," start to subside, leading to lighter and more manageable breezes. While some islands and coastal areas might experience occasional breezes, overall, the wind is less intense compared to earlier in the summer.

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Psarou Beach in Mykonos, Cyclades Islands

Psarou Beach in Mykonos, Cyclades Islands


2. Croatia's Dalmatian Coast 

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast boasts a blend of medieval charm, vibrant cities, and idyllic islands. With its stunning coastline, dotted with historical towns like Dubrovnik and Split, and many islands like Hvar, Vis, and Brač, sailing through the Adriatic Sea is a true delight. Late summer allows sailors to relish warm waters, steady breezes, and fewer crowds. Explore secluded bays, indulge in delectable seafood, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of this captivating region.

In September, the average temperatures on the Dalmatian Coast range from around 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). Daytime temperatures can still feel warm and comfortable, allowing for enjoyable beach days and exploration of coastal towns. September is also characterized by a decrease in precipitation compared to the earlier months of summer.

The prevailing winds in the Adriatic Sea are typically mild and steady during September. The Maestral, a pleasant northwest wind, often picks up in the afternoons, providing ideal conditions for sailing. This wind is known for its reliability and consistency, making it a favorite among sailors!

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Pakleni Archipelago near Hvar Island, Dalmatia

Pakleni Archipelago near Hvar Island, Dalmatia


3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy's Amalfi Coast offers a breathtaking blend of rugged cliffs, colorful villages, and azure waters. Sailing along this coastline means uncovering hidden treasures like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello from a unique vantage point. Late summer brings tranquil seas, mild temperatures, and the chance to experience local festivals and events. Enjoy world-class cuisine, explore ancient ruins, and soak in the luxurious charm of this Mediterranean haven.

In September the Amalfi Coast experiences some of the most pleasant weather of the year, making it an ideal time to visit this stunning Italian coastal region. The maritime climate is characterized by mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and relatively low rainfall during this time of the year.

Average daytime temperatures range from around 22°C to 28°C (72°F to 82°F), allowing pleasant outdoor activities without the intense heat of midsummer. 

The coastal region experiences gentle sea breezes that contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. Winds are generally mild and are not likely to disrupt your sailing or beach activities.

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Beautiful bay in Amalfi Coast

Beautiful bay on Amalfi Coast


4. French Riviera

The French Riviera, or Côte d'Azur, is synonymous with luxury, glamour, and a vibrant yachting scene. Late summer is an ideal time to sail along the French coast, as the intense heat of midsummer gives way to more comfortable temperatures. Discover iconic destinations like Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, each offering a unique blend of opulence and Mediterranean beauty. Explore chic marinas, indulge in haute cuisine, and experience the Riviera's renowned nightlife.

Just like for all the other European destinations we discovered in this article, September is a great month to visit the French Riviera as the temperatures go milder and crowds of tourists begin to disappear. 

Average temperatures in September on the French Riviera range from around 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F) during the daytime. The evenings might see temperatures dropping to around 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F). While the days are still warm, the nights start to get cooler, so it's advisable to bring some light layers for the evenings.

In September, the maritime weather maintains many of the characteristics of summer, but with slightly cooler and more comfortable conditions.

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Calanque d'En Vau on French Riviera

Calanque d'En Vau on French Riviera


5. Balearic Islands, Spain 

The Balearic Islands offer a dynamic blend of landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged mountains. Sailing here in late summer means enjoying warm waters, steady winds, and a quieter ambiance after the peak tourist season. Explore charming villages, anchor in the secluded coves of Mallorca, and experience the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza, or the laid-back vibes of Formentera.

September is a fantastic time to visit the Balearic Islands for sailing and exploring. The combination of warm temperatures, pleasant sea conditions, and fewer crowds makes it an ideal month to enjoy the stunning landscapes, picturesque coves, and vibrant culture of this Mediterranean paradise.

The winds in the Balearic Islands during September are generally mild and favorable for sailing. The cooling breeze helps regulate the temperature and offers enjoyable conditions for navigating the waters around the islands.

Daytime temperatures typically range from around 24°C to 28°C (75°F to 82°F), offering warm and comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. Nighttime temperatures can drop to around 18°C to 22°C (64°F to 72°F), creating pleasantly cool evenings.

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Cala Vadella, Ibiza

Cala Vadella, Ibiza





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