Rent a Motorboat in Aegadian Islands Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Aegadian Islands Without Skipper

Motorboats can be hard to operate. They are complicated but once you get the hang of it, the sailing only gets smooth from there on. If you have the right skills, experience and the necessary license needed to operate the motorboats, we highly recommend you to rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper. Although skippers have all the best insights into the islands and can take you through both the main attractions and the hidden gems of the tranquil archipelago, by choosing to rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper you can have your own personalized experience. It is a unique and distinctive experience unlike any other, as you can completely avoid the huge swarm of tourists and have your own secluded and intimate experience. Why not flaunt the skills you’ve got, and enjoy a personalized trip by renting a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper. 

There’s a lot to see in the beautiful archipelago, with three main islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, all three offering a unique experience of their own. It’s easier to rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper from the main ports in Trapani and Marsala, both of which are less than 15kms from the robust island of Favignana. You can also rent a motorboat from Favignana, but beyond that, it’s harder to get your hand on one in the smaller islands. All three islands are loaded with a lot of awe-inspiring landscapes and beautiful beaches and coves that are surrounded by cliffs, valleys and mountains that tell tales of the historic events that are worth exploring. It’s a unique and wholesome trip that offers a bit of everything to its visitors. 

When we talk about beaches, you can have access to both, the popular ones and the private, secluded ones when you rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands. Favignana is the main hub, with the largest area encompassing several beaches with brilliant azure waters. The rocky shores and sandy beaches have beautiful reefs accessible by motorboats. The most picturesque and beautiful beach is Cala d’Azur. Although it is a small beach, it makes up for its size by offering tremendous beauty and clarity of waters, so that you can see fishes swimming deep at the sea bottom just from the surface. This beach is on the eastern side of Favignana. If you want to explore the beaches with sparkling white sands ideal for soaking and getting your tan on, head to the Ravine and Marasolo, both of which are located on the opposite coast from the port. 

For all the adrenaline junkies who want to mix in a bit of adventure with a quaint voyage by sea, enjoy the many exciting water sports at Bue Marino and Cala Rossa. These beaches are also located on the eastern end of the island. They are great for taking a thrilling dive from the cliffs and rocks, as well as for snorkeling and swimming. The water is breathtaking during sunsets, the shades of the skies mixing in which the hues of turquoise to give you the ideal backdrop for the perfect holiday postcard. 

If you wish to enjoy these beautiful beaches and secluded caves on your own, rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands without skipper for a private experience. You will need the right skills and license to do so, and when talking about the safest and easiest ways to rent a motorboat in Aegadian islands, go for Sailogy. With amazing deals and budget friendly prices, you can flaunt your skills and get the best out of your trip, with a great itinerary to get the best out of this lovely archipelago. 

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