Rent a Motorboat in Emerald Coast

Motorboat Hire in Emerald Coast

If you prefer speed and power when it comes to sailing, then you must definitely rent a motorboat in Emerald Coast. As one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Sardinia Island, the best way to get around this magnificent jewel would be by water. It is only here where you will appreciate the most the natural beauty of the surroundings. At Sailogy, you can rent a motorboat and get around Costa Smeralda with or without a skipper! 

Numerous bays, white sand beaches, lovely granite rocks, vast mountain ranges, and so much more - this exclusive summer holiday resort isn’t only amazing during the season of the sun. It is just as beautiful no matter the time of the year you visit. When you have a motorboat, it would be faster and easier for you to get from one attraction to another. With a boat that can go on full speed, you can visit more than just a couple of beaches in the Emerald Coast in one day! 

Olbia is the main town of Costa Smeralda. If you’re flying into the location by plane, then this is where the airport is. The largest port in the area is also here as well as numerous tourist facilities. Looking for a guided tour? Visit one of the tourism facilities in the area so you can get help. Alternatively, you can just rent a motorboat in Emerald Coast with skipper - the skipper will surely know where it would be best to take you in this fabulous island. 

Situated in the northeastern part of Sardinia Island, there are many beaches in the Emerald Coast worth visiting. The Punta Capriccioli, Piccolo Pevero and Cala di Volpe are certainly must-visits. Lounge by the sand and admire the emerald green sea right in front of you. Let the sun kiss your skin and make sure you’re taking lots of pictures to remind you of your trip to this paradise on earth. 

Aboard your motorboat, you will be awe-inspired by the clear waters and calm waves. Very interesting fact about the Emerald Coast - a consortium was established to protect the overall appearance of the coast. While many luxury hotels, villas, resorts, and other establishments are built close to the beaches, the consortium makes sure that only natural resources are used to build those structures so that they would blend into the nature in the background. So, when you are on your boat, you will see the beautiful beaches and mountain ranges by the shore that gives you the impression that you are looking at a remote island! 

One more great reason to rent a motorboat in Emerald Coast would be so that you can go on an island hopping trip at the La Maddalena Archipelago. A wonderful national park that has also become a top tourist destination in Sardinia Island, this archipelago is made up of seven islands all boasting of their unique beauty. While some tourists visit those islands in boats and ferries, you can have a more convenient and private trip with your motorboat! 

At Sailogy, you can search for many different kinds of motorboats for rent when you visit Emerald Coast. With just a few clicks, you can view boats in different budget ranges, sizes, passenger capacity and more. You can plan your trip and prepare in advance conveniently while you sit in front of your computer at home. So, if you want to rent a motorboat in Emerald Coast, just go on Sailogy and within a few minutes, you will already be able to book the dream vacation you have always wanted in Emerald Coast!

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