Rent a Motorboat in Kornati Islands With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Kornati Islands With Skipper

The clear blue waters of the Adriatic are perfect to be explored by motorboat. You can visit the Kornati Islands which are home to some stunning geographical features such as caves and grottoes. Renting a motorboat in the Kornati Islands with a skipper means that you can sit back and enjoy the journey and let someone else control the boat.

Having a skipper on-board also means that they can tell you where you should stop and moor the boat for a couple of hours, so that you can take a walk around islands like Žut and Kornat.

Žut in particular is popular among people who loves tranquility. If you rent a motorboat with a skipper in the Kornati Islands, they can take you to the island and moor the boat at the marina, so that you can experience the stunning natural environment. Žut is a place where you can feel almost like Robinson Crusoe when he was stranded on a desert island, except that you only need to return to your motorboat and you can speed across the water to the next island that you want to visit.

Speed is one of the best reasons to rent a motorboat. This type of craft allows you to travel quickly, from one place to another. In the case of the Kornatis, this means that you can see many of the 140 islands in one day; although you are still going to have to be selective as not even travelling by motorboat will enable you to see everything.

If you rent a motorboat in this part of the Adriatic, you should bear in mind that 89 of the Kornati Islands are located within the Kornati National Park. The National Park’s office, where tickets for visiting the Park can be bought, is on the island of Murter. If you stop at the Island, you may want to spend some time swimming in the calm blue water.

The waters around the islands are the perfect place for a swim as well as being ideal for exploring in a motorboat. If you decide that renting a motorboat with a skipper is a good idea, you can find a reasonably priced boat to rent in the brochures of Sailogy.

You can rent a boat with a skipper and head north of the Kornati Islands, to Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok Island. The view from the top of the cliff face on the island is incredible. This is within easy reach of the Kornati National Park, especially as you have a motorboat to transport you through the water.

Renting a motorboat with a skipper from Sailogy is one of the best ways to see the Kornati Islands. It means that you get to control what you want to see, while also being around someone who can tell you what you need to know about the area. It's a more personal experience than taking an organised boat trip to the islands.

You can find a quiet inlet where you can choose to stop and relax in the sunshine. You may even want to take some food on your trip with you, so that you can enjoy your lunch in picturesque surroundings. You will not find a better place to enjoy this type of relaxation. After all, you are surrounded by crystal clear waters and an impressive natural landscape, with a motorboat and a skipper at your disposal. It's a dream scenario.

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