Rent a Motorboat in Sporades

Motorboat Hire in Sporades

The speed and power of a motorboat means a whole lot when you’re on an island hopping trip. So, if you choose to rent a motorboat in Sporades, you know that you’re making an excellent choice. You can go on full throttle or just cruise around at a slow pace. There’s plenty of time to explore all the wonders this archipelago has to offer! 

The Sporades is over 100km north of Athens so many tourists who flock to Greece miss out on the magnificent attractions this part of the Aegean Sea holds. But if you have a motorboat to use during your trip, you can have the grandest time going from island to island - that’s an entire number of 24 islands in the Sporades for you to explore. 

Skopelos, one of the only four inhabited islands of Sporades, is a top tourist spot especially for the fans of the movie Mamma Mia! That chapel where the iconic wedding happened is for real and you can see it in person here. Of course, you must make some stops on the other three inhabited islands, Alonissos, Skiathos, and Skyros

Explore the unspoiled beauty of the archipelago when you rent a motorboat in Sporades. Uncover the roads less traveled and sail as far as you want - the farther you go from the mainland, the more adventures would await! There are so many delightful beaches where you can lounge, take a dip, or enjoy other fun water activities. Dive, snorkel or simply enjoy the pretty swimming dolphins and the amazing monk seals! 

Do you love nature? If so, then you will enjoy the Sporades even more. These islands have proven to be the top destination for many nature lovers who are either in for a rugged backpacking experience or a luxurious and relaxing vacation. Go on foot and explore lush pine-scented forests or simply adore the views the numerous islands have to offer in the comforts of your own motorboat. 

You can choose to rent a motorboat in Sporades with or without a skipper. A skipper will be the captain of your ship and can even serve as your guide so you can make most out of your Sporades vacation. You can lounge and enjoy bottles of wine without worrying about a thing! Looking for more privacy and little more freedom to explore the archipelago on your own? Then go for a motorboat without a skipper. Just make sure you have a sailing license and some experience! 

There will never be a dull moment when you choose to visit the Sporades. The aquatic life alone would make every minute you spend for your vacation worth it. Did you know that the marine reserve found in Alonissos is the largest one in the Mediterranean Sea? While the rest of the world has to see concrete buildings and experience pollution on a daily basis, your trip to Sporades will be the complete opposite. This is the closest you can get to heaven on earth! 

Renting a motorboat through Sailogy is convenient and hassle-free. You can browse through a variety of choices of boats to rent in Sporades with or without a skipper according to your budget range and the type of boat you want to use. Take note of the passenger capacity, the power of the motorboat, its features, and amenities too. 

If you are planning to rent a motorboat in Sporades, make sure you check out the ones available in Sailogy. Explore the wonders this archipelago has to offer with a powerful and convenient motorboat with or without a skipper. Just a few more clicks and you’ll be heading to the finest destination in the Mediterranean!

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Pershing 56

Volos, Pagasetic Gulf

  • 6 berths
  • 3 cabins
  • 3 WC
  • No security deposit
  • Air conditioning
  • Generator
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