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7 days itinerary - Discovering Amalfi Coast - Sailogy

7 days itinerary - Discovering Amalfi Coast

Rent a boat in Salerno and sail along the Amalfi Coast with 1 week charter

You are about to visit one of the Italian regions abundant in history, monuments and natural beauty, Campania is definitely the place for the most demanding travelers, a place where you can satisfy every taste and request.

The six sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO are, for Campania, a perfect presentation, in addition to the main attractions, however, there is a world to discover, including spectacular coastlines, festivals and rituals of tradition without forgetting the villages and its excellent food and wine.
In Campania, you can see some of the most famous islands in the Mediterranean, landing place for ancient sailors and picturesque scenery of myths, legends and novels.

A journey through Mediterranean atmospheres made of bright towns and colourful domes, hills and terraces overlooking the sea with amazing beaches, certainly one of the most fascinating stretches of coastline in the world, where the natural beauty blends with the work of men who for centuries has shaped and coexisted in symbiosis.

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Day 1 - Salerno


Salerno is one of the most beautiful cities in Campania and is situated in a strategic position at the top of the homonymous gulf.
With its position, very close to the fascinating Amalfi Coast and all the main monuments of the region, Salerno is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.  If you want to have a beautiful view of the city and its Gulf, you must go to the Castle of Arechi, a medieval castle located 300 meters above sea level.

Rent a boat in Salerno

Day 2


Ischia is one of the most famous Italian islands in the world.
The port is a perfect landing point for those who want to explore the treasures of the island, such as the church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo and the Casina Reale.
Continuing the walk, passing in front of elegant nineteenth-century buildings and ancient churches, you arrive at Ischia Ponte. Connected by a 220-metre long bridge, you arrive at the Aragonese Castle, one of the oldest and most characteristic castles in Italy.

Day 3 Naples


Naples owes its origins to the siren Partenope. It is not by chance that her character has the oddity of a hybrid: good and evil, joy and sadness, beauty and degradation. Contrasting souls that clash and coexist side by side, as you understand as soon as you set foot in the city.  Don't miss a walk in the famous Spaccanapoli, the road that goes from the Spanish Quarters to the district of Forcella, cutting in a straight line the city of Naples.

Day 4


Sorrento enjoys a spectacular view of the bay of Naples, overlooking the sea. The city is able to enchant with its crystal waters, irregular coastline, gardens scented with citrus fruits, and a lot of art and culture.
Vesuvius seems to guard it and the old town is full of craft shops and monuments; such as the Duomo, the Basilica of San Francesco and the Sedile Dominova. The centre of Sorrento is Piazza Tasso, dedicated to the famous writer from this area.



Luxuriant, extraordinary, with a mild climate. Capri is the Mediterranean island that has seen artists and writers pass by over time, all fascinated by its beauty. A mix of history, nature, modernity, culture, events that mix here every day, and that have created the myth of Capri.
The village is the centre of Capri, around which all life on the island revolves. It's impossible not to pass, difficult not to stop. In the summer evenings, you can barely pass through the crowds.

Day 6 - Positano


Set in the mountain, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is such a picturesque village that it looks like a spontaneous theatrical setting. Seen from the sea, it looks like a cascade of multicoloured houses sloping down the slope.
The narrow streets, with numerous boutiques, descend steeply between the stairs, flowing into the Marina Grande. 
Positano is not a city that you see, but that you live. Here you can relax and enjoy the rhythm of Mediterranean life.



The exotic touches of the Duomo's architecture, the Constantinopolitan bronze door, and the intertwined arches in the cloister of Paradise of Amalfi reminded us of the relations with the Levant and its businesses. The colours, the perfumes and the typical life of a Mediterranean city know how to attract you. The village perched on the sea appears enclosed in the palm of Amalfi’s hand. Above, there is a scenic mountainous backdrop; below, a plot of alleys and stairs.