Frequently asked

Before booking

If you are planning on embarking on your first Sailing vacation, we recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our Travel Consultants. We have a multilingual team of travel consultants that are fluent in English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Our travel consultants will provide a free service that will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the exciting adventures waiting to be discovered on open waters. This includes an introduction into chartering a boat and all the necessary information you will need to fulfil the requirements of a charterer.

Our travel consultants will offer you a 360° service. They will help you with searching for a boat, building your route alongside existing sailing itineraries. Most importantly, they will get the best available deal for your desired sailing vacation.

If you are not an experienced sailor, the key information are the number of people on board, where you plan to start your vacation, if you need a skipper or a hostess and the available budget you are planning on investing in your sailing holiday. On the contrary, if you an experienced sailor; your message should include the preferred boat type and possibly the brand you are searching for. The more information you disclose, the likelihood our initial proposals will contain boats that match your preferences.

Start by thinking of the overall experience you are looking for during the sailing trip. Is this a romantic holiday for two? Are you traveling with your family and kids? Or perhaps booking a holiday with a group of friends, eager to let loose and party? Would you like to improve and practice your sailing techniques, explore onshore, or are you seeking pure relaxation? We have designed a system of Tags that we apply to our boats, destinations, and editorial content. These can be used as a 'filter' to help you select the kind of boat and the possible destinations that best fit your expectations of the overall experience during the sailing trip.

Our fleet continues to grow on a daily basis. If you realise that your preferred destination is not included on our current platform, please send us an email and notify us accordingly. Our Sail hunters will look into this request. Once we have identified and inspected a potential fleet in your destination, we will add the boats on our website and send you an offer based on what you are searching for.

The boat rental market usually operates from Saturday to Saturday, for a minimum charter duration of one week. During the low season (from October to June) we can arrange any kind of trip you may desire: a day trip, a long weekend on board or simply a break during the week. However during the high season (from June till October) it is unlikely that a boat manager will agree to a charter that does not fall within the Saturday to Saturday period. Note, it is possible to organize a charter for less than 7 days during the high season, but it has to be between two Saturdays!

To search for a boat, log on to Sailogy and add your destination on the homepage, select your preferred start date and the duration of your sailing vacation. Once you select the search button, you will be automatically redirected to the search results page, where you can see all the boats available according to your selected destination, preferred start dates and the length of the trip. In order to narrow down your search, you can select the type of charter you prefer (bareboat or skippered), on the left hand-side of the page you can select the boat type (sailing boat, catamaran, gulet, power boat or houseboat), the total price, the length, the number of cabins and bathrooms etc.

If you are sailing as a couple, with just you and your partner, any boat over 30 feet will suffice. In any case, you will need at least two cabins: one for the pair of you and one for an eventual skipper. For groups up to 13 people (the general passenger limit for chartered yachts), you will need a boat with three to five cabins. If you need a skipper, remember to include an extra passenger in your search. Bear in mind that for trips lasting longer than a weekend, it is recommended that the skippers has his/her own cabin (for shorter trips, the skipper can be accommodated in the convertible saloon).

We have more than 22375 boats all over the world, these include:
- Sailing Yachts: this is the most common type of yacht available for charters. They are not expensive and ensure an authentic sailing experience. In fact sailing is both relaxing and sportive, as well as environmentally friendly: there is no waste of fuel and when the engines are switched off you can really enjoy the calmness at sea.
- Catamarans: this type of boat offers a lot of space, guests are afforded both space for privacy and for intermingling with other guests on board. Thanks to the shallow draft it is possible to access areas that other boat types cannot manoeuvre in.
- Motor Yachts: the high speed (more than 20 miles per hour) is the main characteristic of these boats. The fuel consumption is high, but the real advantage is the ability to reach any desired place in a relatively short space of time.
- Houseboats: Despite the dimensions, houseboats are easy to steer and usually no skipper license is required. It is the best alternative to a hotel room. They are usually located on lakes and the riverside, allowing guests to reach the city centers on board.
- Gulets: Gulets are typical Turkish sailing vessels. On these boats only fully crewed charters are available. You will only need to relax, while the crew will cook, sail and clean for you.

You can either rent a yacht with or without a skipper. If you have a sailing license you can skipper the boat by yourself, otherwise a skipper is mandatory.

Each country has its own rules, so it depends on the sailing area you are going to choose for your sailing holiday. We have an entire section dedicated to the sailing licenses where you can find all the information you may need.

The prices are set by the Boat Managers and depend on a number of factors such as boat type, sailing destination, duration of the vacation and season. Also, it is important that you take into consideration the price of the mandatory extras and whether it includes for ex. Outboard Engine, bed linen and towels etc.

You are spot on. Surprised? A chartered yacht costs about € 50/night per person: much less than an upscale hotel during the high season.

The price shown for each boat includes the rental of the boat with the electronic and safety equipment, the dinghy and the navigation charts. Included in the price are also the first and the last night in the home base of the boat.

The price doesn't include: the final cleaning of the boat, the optional extras (such as the outboard engine. The list of the optional extras is visible in each boat page and depends on the location and on the boat manager.), fuel, food, transfer from/to the base, port taxes and fees, tourist taxes, mooring fees.

Booking process

Once you've had some fun exploring our website and daydreaming about your upcoming sailing vacation, booking a boat on Sailogy is easy, simple, and fast. Once you've registered, you can search, select, and then block your yacht in real time - right from the boat page - paying 9€ with credit card and receive an immediate confirmation. This whole process takes about 3 minutes. And even better, it's risk-free.

After paying the 9€, you will receive a voucher which confirms the availability of the boat and the possibility for you to proceed with the booking. The boat will be blocked for 1 day. During this time you can proceed with the booking of the boat, or you can decide to cancel the reservation. Please consider that the 9€ are not refundable!

Payments are made in three stages: 1) Payment of the first 50% of the boat price to confirm the booking. 2) Payment of the second 50% at least 30 days prior to your departure. 3) Payment of the extras at the base (if they are not to be paid online with the second 50%). If the departure time is within 30 days after the booking, the payment is due in full when confirming the booking.

Using our secure payment system, we simply 'hold' the deposit on the credit card you've provided. We only 'release' the money once the booking has been re-confirmed and/or the free cancellation period has expired. The free cancellation period is of 24h. If you change your mind within this period, your deposit will be returned in full.

Sailogy accepts two payments methods: 1) Credit Card through our website once you will have received the voucher with the confirmation of the reservation. 2) Bank transfer. We will give you all the necessary bank details.

With Sailogy you have a free cancellation period of 24h. After this period, if you want to cancel the booking, the cancellation policy applied will be in accordance of the charter conditions set by the boat manager. Each boat manager have their own charter conditions, get in touch with our travel consultants for more details!

Before boarding

Like with every other kind of rental, chartering a yacht requires a security deposit. This covers any accidental damage caused by you or your fellow passengers and aims to ensure that all the contractual obligations are met (e.g. at the checkout when you return the boat to the marina). It is given to the boat manager before setting sail, and is returned at the end of the trip, after the boat has been inspected if there is no damage.

The check in, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, usually takes place on Saturday after 5pm, directly at the harbor. At the end of the sailing week you will be asked to return to the base marina on Friday evening. You will spend the night on board and disembark on Saturday morning. In other destinations, where there is more flexibility about the embarkation/disembarkation day and the charter duration (for example in the Caribbean Sea), the check in is usually around noon. This information will be available on your booking voucher!

Yes. All documents must be submitted online 2.5 weeks before the departure date. You would need to upload all documents online via Sailogy on your personal 'Vacation Page'. Documents that need to be submitted for bareboat charters: Sailing license and Crew list, for skippered charters a crew list will suffice. Please remember, in Croatia the VHF certificate is obligatory!

Upon you arrival at the base marina you will meet the base manager who will bring you to your boat. If have booked a skipper then you will meet him at the marina along with the base manager. The base manager will explain everything pertaining to the fuel and water tanks, the water supply and the waste water tanks. Please check that the boat has all the features and extras agreed in the contract. Also check that the safety equipment is complete: distress signals, safety rafts, charts and maps. Check that everything is in working order. After this you will sign the charter contract and you are ready to set off.

Obviously, this depends on where you are going and what time of year it is. In the Mediterranean during the summer months, you will be dressing for very warm weather, and will most likely be spending most of the day in a bathing suit, sunscreen - and not much else. Evenings can get cooler or windy, so you will want to make sure you have some warm layers. Sailing holidays involve exploring the onshore attractions. If shopping, drinks, dining and dancing is on your list of things to do, this is the time to show off your summer wardrobe. Keep in mind that space is very limited on boats, so we recommend packing as little as possible. Soft bags are strongly recommended as hard-side luggage generally doesn't fit in the storage space of the boat.

If you happen to be addicted to your phones, tablets or gadgets (this includes hairdryers and razors), you will want to look for a boat with an onboard generator, this will allow you to recharge at any time. If you need just a moderate amount of charging time, a boat with an inverter will suffice. An inverter works when the motor is on, and means you and your crew can recharge your phones for a few hours a day. If you choose a boat with neither a generator nor inverter, the 220W outlet will only work when you are moored at the dock. Keep in mind that once in the middle of the clear, blue Mediterranean Sea, you may not have cell phone coverage. We happen to think that this is a good thing. A sailing holiday is the perfect time to unplug.

There are several websites where you can find this information. For example, While on board, in some cases the boat manager will give you a mobile phone with a national sim card, on which you will receive a Sms with the weather forecast updates on a daily basis. In some other cases you will have Wi-Fi on board, to go search on the internet.

On board

Weapons, Explosives including fireworks as well as narcotics are strictly forbidden on board. If in doubt contact us and we will confirm whether it is permitted to bring whatever you may have in mind on board. Note, the Charterer has the right to determine what is and is not allowed on board.

In almost all cases the boat is fully equipped with safety equipment. Upon your embarkation, please double check that the necessary safety equipment is on board before you sail out of the marina.

Before your departure we will send you a list of all the necessary contacts that you may need while on board. If something goes wrong while navigating, please call the emergency contact using the VHF channel or the boat manager. They will intervene as soon as possible. %(site_name)s will be available throughout your sailing trip.

If you are skipper of the boat, it depends on your sailing license. For instance with or without skipper, there may be sailing areas protected that are not accessible or accessible only after paying an entrance fee (For example, the Kornati National Park in Croatia or the Maddalena Park in Sardinia). There are restrictions also regarding the international waters, regarding both the sailing license and the entrance fees. Always ask %(site_name)s for additional information or the boat manager if you want to visit a natural park or sail in international waters!

Our suggestion is to always contact the Marina for a harbour place. In fact the marina offices will be able to inform you about the availability, pricing and additional information pertaining to the services they provide. For ex. water and electricity

The price varies according to the sailing area, the boat size and the season. Usually it can vary between 10€ and 200€ per day. Please also consider that electricity is not always included in the harbor fee.

Yes, you can anchor everywhere, except for the natural parks and prohibited areas shown on the maps. Please consider that not all the areas are safe to anchor. Always take a look at the local maps, highlighting the unsafe areas, the prohibited areas and the shipping lanes.

Water and fuel tanks can be filled at the harbours. The cost for refilling water is usually included in the mooring fee. Please consider that 4 people require about 600 liters of water for 7 days at sea, so plan your trip accordingly! The cost of the fuel is not included in the mooring fees. Please remember that a boat engine is like a car engine: each one may need a different type of fuel. Remember to check it!

Wastewater tanks can be cleaned at a marina, where the cleaning service is free. Emptying the tanks in inland waters is prohibited!

Yes. All boats have an inside shower with hot water, but during the summer months it's more common to use the shower on deck. Try to conserve water as much as possible; when supplies get low, the boat has to sail to port to refill. At Sailogy we are passionate about sailing and respectful of the sea, we suggest you bring soaps and shampoos that are environmentally friendly.

The boat must be returned in good and acceptable condition, you do not have to clean the boat before disembarking because you paid for the final cleaning, so a team will be in charge to clean it for the next guests.

The skipper factor

If you are asking this question, you most probably do. Remember during the sailing trip, skippers do not just navigate, they are fully responsible for the boat and for passenger's safety. It is a demanding job, so if your goal is to take a proper vacation, you will probably want to let someone else do it.

Hiring a skipper has a cost that varies according to the boat provider, the area, the boat size and type. Usually prices range between 90€ and 180€ per day. The skipper is usually paid directly at the base on the departure day.

Skippers are interviewed and selected by the boat managers. If you have any particular requirement (such as the spoken language or gender) do not hesitate to contact us and we will immediately contact the boat manager to ask whether it is possible to meet your requirements.

If you would like to get in touch with the skipper before your departure, we can give you their contacts, so just ask!

Cabin charter

Yes. Beginners are welcome on board. A large majority of our guests on are beginners.

The average age is between 35 to 45 years. More than often older and younger guests are on board as well.

Yes. You can book a cabin charter with single occupancy. We also encourage couples, groups and families to book as well.

The sailing vacation is usually a week, starting in the late afternoon on Saturday and ending on the following Saturday in the morning. Check-in and check-out times will be confirmed and disclosed on your booking voucher.

You can book either online on Sailogy in our 'join a group' section or contact one of our travel consultants to proceed with the booking via telephone.

On average 4-6 hours daily. This depends on a number of factors such as the weather, the destination you are navigating to and the crew.

In this case the professional skipper is a key player, as he/she can avoid certain situations that lead to sea sickness. Also, we recommend that you visit your local chemist and ask for remedies against sea sickness before you board the boat.

The Skipper has the main responsibility of the boat during the trip. Our guests are only liable for any damages incurred as a result of their own actions.

Our guests are required to leave a refundable security deposit.

Yes. The Skipper will show you were smoking is permitted on board. Smoking is not permitted inside the boat or in the Cockpit.

Yes. However, during the day the alcohol consumption will be limited until you reach the destination. Alcohol reduces your overall awareness and this could be dangerous for your safety on board.

We have catamarans, gulets and sailing yachts available for cabin charters. If you would like to join a cabin charter in a destination that is not currently on our website. Please contact our travel consultants and they will look into your request.

Yes. In some destinations there is the possibility to catch great fish. The crew will explain this to you at the beginning or during the sailing trip.

Snorkeling equipment will be available on the boat in almost all cases.

Weather permitting, however in most cases this is a daily activity. Starting in the early hours of the morning and ending whenever you want.

Yes. Both for Adults and Children (please, let us know the age of your children).

During most cabin charters you stop at marinas at least twice throughout a 7 day charter. This ensures that you can make the necessary arrangements relating to electricity, water and the provisioning of groceries.

The boat anchors on a number of occasions at bays, where you will have the opportunity to relax, swim and snorkel.

The cabin charter is full board, you can expect food on board to be prepared and served by your crew. During longer stops you can always visit restaurants for lunch or dinner.

After the vacation

Yes. All our repeat clients will have an additional 5% discount on their future bookings. The discount cannot be combined with other ongoing offers/promotions by Sailogy.