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Sailogy is thrilled to present the Sail Hunter. His full-time profession? To travel around the World — from Sardinia to Mauritius, from Croatia to Cuba — and personally photograph, interview and certify the best boats and those who own them. (Yes, we’d hate him too if he weren’t so reliable and honest.) Want to follow the Sail Hunter’s advice? See what he has to say here.

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Sailogy goes far and beyond the traditional booking services. Our specialized software allows you to browse boats, destinations and inspirations at your leisure, then choose the boat you like, make a real-time reservation, and instantly pay a deposit—even dividing the fee among your friends, if you prefer. Since we’ve done most of the work for you, an unforgettable Sailing experience is just a simple click away. Guaranteed.

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Sailogy is also the only booking service that lets you talk directly with the charter operators themselves. Why is this helpful? Because you probably have a lot of questions, and who better than the locals to answer them? Sign up with Sailogy and you’ll have a fleet of boat owners happy to chat with you.

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Sailogy has direct, personal relationships with over 12,000 vessels in over 1,000 destinations around the Globe. Here at Sailogy we have direct relationships with professional charter operators based in 11 European Countries and another 46 international destinations in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia and North America.

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Sailogy has the best fleet of the web. Boats are sourced only from the best charter companies in the world and constantly evaluated for their quality. A team of dedicated staff travels the world to take photos and videos of each boat, developing personal relationship with charter managers.

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Additionally Sailogy adopts a very strict policy in terms of customer service. If a specific charter company fails to deliver the highest standards it is removed from the system. Being part of the Sailogy fleet is in fact a mark of excellence for the charter companies, because it means that all customers walk away happy after their vacation.