7 day itinerary - Discovering Cyclades Islands

7 day itinerary - Discovering Cyclades Islands

Rent a boat and visit the famous Cyclades Islands in 1 week charter

There is no more emblematic place in the whole of Greece that fully represents the colours, scents and flavours of this wonderful country. The islands of the archipelago appear as pearls emerging from the Aegean Sea, making them almost magnetic and irresistible. Here the rhythms of life pass slowly despite the strong tourist flows and, even in the most crowded islands such as Mykonos, it is still easy to find a bay or cove hidden only for themselves.  The long deserted coves, bathed by a crystal clear sea with breathtaking colours, alternate with barren landscapes and unique views.
The friendliness and hospitality of the locals are inevitable and totally genuine. The intense blue of sky and sea is mixed with that of the domes of the Orthodox churches that surmount the white villages along the hills of the islands, between labyrinthine roads, and ancient windmills seem to watch over all the Cyclades Islands. Let's sail together through the islands in this 7 day itinerary by boat...

Day 1 - Lavrion


Once in Lavrio, before you set sail, you must make a stop at the Fish and Meat Market - Ta Pasaradika, a characteristic market located in a neoclassical building, not to be missed. Thanks to its tourist importance, today Lavrio is also rich in taverns, restaurants and bars that offer refreshment and relaxation. In addition, in Lavrio you can visit one of the oldest and largest amphitheatres in the whole of Greece: Toriko.

Day 2 - Syros


Located right in the heart of the archipelago, Syros is a very quiet island and less subject to mass tourism.
Its city, Ermoupolis, is perched on the hills and here you can visit the square Miaouli, continuing to the Apollo Theatre, on the square Vardaka, designed by an Italian architect and resembling the most famous European theatres.
Small villages and coves follow one another along the south-western coast, ideal places for diving and snorkelling.

Day 3 - Mykonos


Mykonos, with its white houses, colourful windows, flowered balconies and narrow streets, is the typical Greek destination that we all have in our imagination.
In summer, for lovers of fun is definitely the right place, but to enjoy a Mykonos less artefact is better to arrive in spring or autumn when it is not overcrowded. In these seasons it shows its most authentic face, without "ball" music or eccentric characters.

Day 4 - Naxos


Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades and, although subject to mass tourism, the first word that comes to mind when you land on the island is "authentic".
In every corner and street of Naxos Chora you can breathe an authentic Greece, a place visited but never distorted by tourists, keeping the magic of the city unchanged.
One of the most beautiful areas is certainly Aliko: a succession of small bays surrounded by a crystal clear sea where you can moor in the bay.

Day 5 - Paros


Paros, in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago, offers entertainment and attractions for any type of traveller who decides to land on its coasts.
In Paroikia, take a stroll along the market street: the best part is letting yourself be carried away by the crowds and browsing the little shops in search of the right tavern where you can dine and enjoy a glass of ouzo.
When the evening arrives, the promenade is filled with people passing from one place to another.

Day 6 - Sifnos


Sifnos is a perfect mix between the turquoise sea and green valleys, between tranquillity and a lively and festive nightlife.
In Sifnos you can eat well: the island is renowned in Greece for having the best chefs and the quality level of its restaurants is an example. 
Not to be missed is Faros, a small bay with calm and clear waters, ideal for a quiet swim. Not far away are the bays of Phasolos and Glyfos, also known for their turquoise waters.

Day 7 - Kythnos


Kithnos is the first island you will land in the direction of the Cyclades Islands.
The Chora of Kithnos is a picturesque tangle of narrow streets, squares and some very special churches because in the past they were used simultaneously by Orthodox and Catholic pilgrims, simply using different sides of the same building. 
One of the most beautiful bays where you can moor is the otter, where you can swim driven by the flows and currents of the nearby springs.