7 day itinerary - Discovering Dubrovnik Region

7 day itinerary - Discovering Dubrovnik Region

Rent a boat in Dubrovnik and sail within the Southern islands of Croatia in 1 week of charter

The southernmost region of Croatia is certainly a less convenient destination to reach, but the fantastic places, islands and its beautiful and ancient cities, will ensure that your efforts are fully rewarded.
A visit to the region's landmark city Dubrovnik is a must. The city will conquer you with its ancient walls that have faced every offence over the years, and with its historic centre made up of narrow streets and steep stairways.
The city of Dubrovnik is also a perfect starting point for visiting the Elaphite Islands, which are easily accessible by boat. These islands are one of the favourite destinations of travellers in this region while remaining outside the typical destinations of mass tourism.
The Mljet islands, the beautiful Korcula and all the other smaller islands of the archipelago extend parallel to the thing, thus forming, with their arrangement, the channel of Kolocep.

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Day 1 - Dubrovnik


Beautiful, special, romantic: for Dubrovnik, the adjectives are wasted. Its success is based on a combination of unique environmental and historical factors.
With its 2 kilometres of walking, 16 towers, 4 fortresses and a breathtaking panorama, a visit to the ancient walls is a must. 
After visiting the walls and monuments, you just have to get lost in the historic centre of Dubrovnik, passing through the Placa, the famous shopping street.

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Day 2 - Lopud


The island of Lopud is part of the group of Elaphite islands; the islands of the deer. 
On the opposite side of the village of Lopud, there is another famous bay, whit the famous Šunj beach, undoubtedly part of the list of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.
However, Lopud does not only have the sea to offer. Even today in Lopud you can see numerous remains of the first medieval churches, summer manors and interesting fortifications.

Day 3 - Saplunara Bay

Saplunara Bay

The bay of Saplunara is a beautiful lagoon located on the south coast of the island of Mljet, known as a green oasis and ideal place for relaxation. The crystal clear water of the bay has been awarded the Blue Flag, a symbol of the quality of the sea.
The bay that stretches one kilometre along the coast is divided into Velika and Mala Saplunara. The sandy beaches of Saplunara are beautiful for the crystal clear and clean sea and the surrounding landscape.

Day 4 - Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park

The western part of the island of Mljet hosts an enchanting national park which, over the past few decades has become one of the most important attractions in Croatia.
Among the most important tourist centres in the area of the park of Mljetvi, we recommend Polace, a village in the northern part of the island. If you can,  you should also do a short stop in Govedari, a small village connected to Lake Grande and Polace.

Day 5 - Zaklopatica


In the centre of Dalmatia lies one of the most beautiful and wildest islands in Croatia, the island of Lastovo. It is one of the least inhabited and least known islands in the Mediterranean. 
Zaklopatica is a small bay in the northern part of the coast of Lastovo, protected by an islet located on the northern coast, opposite Korcula. A popular safe haven for passing sailors, with a couple of restaurants, konoba and cafes.


Day 6 - Korcula Vela Luka

Korcula Vela Luka

The island of Korcula is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in Dalmatia. With its unspoiled nature, clear sea and isolated coves, it is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, thanks to the currents around the island.
The most important centres are Korcula, Lombarda and Vela Luka.
In summer, Vela Luka comes alive with the St. John's Regatta on 24 June and the Vela Luka Festival in July and August, with concerts, exhibitions and entertainment.

Day 7 - Otok Sipan

Otok Sipan

The island of Sipan is the largest of the Elaphite islands. Once you have moored your boat, know that it is small enough to be easy to explore.
Sipan's cultural and historical richness was born when the island became the summer residence of the Dubrovnik nobles, who began to build beautiful villas, palaces and even castles.
Sudurad is also famous for its cuisine. The most famous restaurant is Bowa Restaurant, in the pleasant bay of Vrbova.