7 day itinerary - Discovering Kornati Islands

7 day itinerary - Discovering Kornati Islands

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Among the undisputed pearls of Croatia's natural heritage are the islands of the Kornati Park, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. An archipelago of 147 islands disseminated along the coast of Dalmatia, between Zadar and Sibenik. 
Lovers of unspoiled nature and tranquility should find the perfect destination to spend their holidays here. The rugged landscape of rocks and faults makes this area even more magical and makes it seem that time has stood still.
Among the islands of the park, you can observe many species of animals and plants and then let yourself be kidnapped by the fantastic unspoiled landscape. A perfect destination for couples and families looking for a quiet and relaxing destination, surrounded by the lush nature of Croatia.
To taste the culinary specialties of this area is a must. Try all the best dishes prepared with fresh fish, cooked and simply seasoned with a drizzle of oil, you'll love it.

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Day 1 - Zadar


Zadar is a lively centre, with numerous museums and art galleries, beautiful squares and streets. 
Walking along the ancient walls you can discover the entire history of the city, starting from the eastern area, where you can still see the Roman ramparts.
Famous are the two modern installations of the Organo Marino and the Saluto del Sole, exceptional observation points, from which you can admire the sea and let yourself be impressed by the lights and sounds that nature produces.

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Day 2 - Zdrelac


Zdrelac is a beautiful quiet village, where you can relax and enjoy the sun and sea on the island of Pasman. The houses face the bays of Polaca and San Luca where there is a pier.
In the village, there are some excellent restaurants, bars and shops where to shop, but it is above all nature to be the master.
The most famous beach is the sandy beach Matlova. It is known for its crystal clear sea and beautiful sandy parts of shallow water.

Day 3 - Molat


Molat is an island in the Zaragoza Archipelago, whose name means island of honey in reference to the honey produced of the island's rosemary flowers.
Just walk up the hill above the village to the old cannon station and enjoy a unique view of the whole archipelago. 
The two beautiful bays of Jaz and Lucina are safe anchorages for boats. The whole island is characterized by a series of inlets, canals, beaches and caves. 

Day 4 - Ilovik


Ilovik is the southernmost of the islands of Lošinj, with only one town having the same name as the island. 
The Ilovik town is perfect, situated in a small bay and protected from the north by the uninhabited island of St. Peter. 
A canal between the two sides of the island serves as a port for local fishermen and travellers who come here to enjoy the nature of the island, thus offering a safe haven for yachts and small boats.

Day 5 - Pag


Pag is a beautiful island in the north of Dalmatia with a jagged coastline that goes to compose bays and coves with a unique identity.
A natural paradise of relaxation and, at the same time, the capital of fun.
The quiet charm of Pag towns and villages like Lun will be perfect for families, while groups of friends or young couples will love the wild atmosphere of the beach of Zrce, with discos, parties and international music festivals. 


Day 6 - Olib


Olib is a place of peace and relaxation, perfect for a quiet holiday. 
For the calm that reigns there and for the authentic atmosphere, Olib is the ideal destination for lovers of privacy and silence. 
Some hidden bays, such as Slatina and Slatinica, guarantee absolute tranquillity and harmony. Besides fish, bought from local fishermen, you can also buy excellent quality oil and wine and homemade cheeses from the locals.

Day 7 - Sukosan


The Mediterranean town of Sukošan also reveals its charm in one of the largest marinas in Croatia. The blue of its bay is decorated every year with numerous sailing boats that find their refuge in this port.
As well as being a true paradise for sailors, the fun here continues in summer nights with traditional competitions, such as the donkey race, and the sounds of a cappella songs echoing through the narrow streets.