Renting a boat in Athens: What to know

Renting a boat in Athens: What to know

Boat Charter in Athens For a Grand Holiday!

Athens is one of those places that need no talking about. It is a legendary Greek city and there’s plenty to explore about when you’re there. If you’re not taking in splendour of Athens’ history, witness the natural beauty of that place. It’s all possible when you charter a boat in Athens.

Get a Boat and Become an Explorer

If you love boating, you can explore much more than just Athens. While in Athens, do not forget to visit the amazingly beautiful islands that are just a boat away. You must visit Hydra, Poros and Egina. You can start from Poros, which is not more than two to three hours away. You can not only enjoy a day of sailing but you can also enjoy the attractions of these islands. You will get magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea, so you may want to carry a good camera with you if you are interested in photography. Hydra used to be a haven for pirates at one point. Egina is the largest island. You will see a lot of catamarans and ferries in Egina. It is also affectionately called the Port of Aegina. You can set aside a day for boating and make this trip.

You will find a lot of sailing tours going to these islands, but they have fixed itineraries and large groups – if you want to explore the narrow streets of Egina, for example, you won’t be able to. And you will only be given the typical tourist-y experience. It is best if you get your own boat and go to these places for yourself. You can easily book one of our boats online.

Athens has a beautiful coast. You can laze around, or take a refreshing dip. There is great nightlife all along the coast.

What to Do in Athens?

If you are a movie-buff, especially if you love adventure movies, you will be itching to visit Acropolis. It is the most well known historical site in the western hemisphere. You can see it above you like a guardian angel from almost any spot in the city. It was crowned by the Parthenon. Made of Pentlic marble, it is an awe-inspiring sight, especially at sunrise or sundown, when it changes colour from bright white from the sunshine to a deep honey hue as the sun disappears. The Acropolis has a magnificent history, and Percicles spent everything he could to make it the mightiest city in the world.

Another place you must visit is the Panathenaic Stadium,  which is a sight for sore eyes. It is huge and vast, and is situated right in the middle of two hills, covered with pine trees. In historical times it was used for athletic contests. You can almost imagine two decorated fighers fighting a savage battle with the crowd hooting and the nobility cheering them on. At the inauguration of this stadium, a thousand animals were sacrificed. It is now used for the Olympics or the annual marathon that is held here.

Rent a Boat in Athens

The best way to explore Athens is on foot. Explore the local culture, walk along the Ancient Promenade. Try out one of the many cafes that are all around you. You can even catch a movie in an open air theatre. Not only is this a unique experience, but the views from most of the theatres are breathtaking. You can marvel at all the historical sites, you could visit the museum to gain a better understanding of the history of the place.

People in Athens tend to have dinner late, so expect restaurants to be bursting from nine to ten. You can catch a drink almost anywhere in Athens. Apart from the restaurants serving alcohol, in the summer months, temporary bars come up in stunning locations. Apart from all this, you can find revelry in the streets themselves.

Best thing about Athens? There is no ‘best time to go’. The city is amazing and comfortable year-round.

Rent a boat from us!

If you want to explore the islands around Athens or just experience boating in this great city, then head over to our website and book yourself a boat. You can be sure that your experience will be hassle-free, and your boat will be safe and perfect. Our sailing experts can also give you tips about boating in general, and specific dos and dont’s about the area you will be boating in, as our experts have sailed in all the areas that we offer boating in.