Charter a boat in Ibiza

Charter a boat in Ibiza

Chartering a sailboat in Ibiza is a key to access some of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean...

Chartering a sailboat in Ibiza is a key to access some of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. White sandy beaches of unbelievable beauty, a crystal clear sea that glints with a magical golden light: the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Formentera are widely considered to be two of Europe’s most heavenly destinations. Diving from you sailboat into this water, it's an experience you'd dream of!!

The Balearic islands have been attracting pleasure-seekers and tourists of exquisite tastes for generations, which is why exploring them by sailboat remains one of the most authentic experiences possible. The privacy and privilege of your own sailboat grants you access to everything this incredible destination has to offer: luxurious beach clubs, the world-famous nightlife scene, as well as hidden inlets and secluded beaches which are only reachable by sea. 

The laid-back lifestyle and simple, but overwhelming beauty of these islands is legendary, and must be experienced to be truly understood. The islands of Ibiza and Formentera are special places, for special people. From the deck of a sailboat, with the wind carrying you across the waters, you’ll understand why. Mooring in Ibiza in the Balearic islands will provide you with all the assets you need for a superb sailing holiday, not just the dizzy night out will be served on a plate eveynight but beautiful beaches will be there too for you to simply enjoy:

Playa des Cavallet 

White sand and dunes stretch the beach of Playa des Cavallet. Playa des Cavallet on the south of the island. The beach is the most famous nudist beach of Ibiza. In short, you don’t worry much of what to wear. No other better place available in the island to have a perfect and even toned tan than Playa des Cavallet. Aside from being a nudist beach, the beach is suspected a hotspot for gay people; so it’s best to be a little bit liberated and open minded while staying in the beach. 

Cala de Benirras 

If you are not yet satisfied with the island’s all night parites in its world-renowned bars and nightclubs then the best destination there is would be a party beach like Cala de Benirras. It can get very busy in the high season on the main beach though, this beach is filled with musicians, hippies, fire-breathers, drummers, jugglers, dancers and many other performers. It also offers privacy because of its isolated stretches of beach. Moreover, going to Cala de Benirras for cheap holidays Ibiza is not just about adoring its waters and people but likewise, experiencing the grand landscape of “God’s Finger”. 

Playa Xarraca 

For those visitors that crave for a silent, secluded beach, Playa Xarraca is the beach that won’t let you down. The beach, surrounded by striking cliffs and coves, are no less than very tranquil and less commercialized compared to other beaches in the island. This beach has only few restaurants and houses. But this place is not boring since you can hire water bikes and explore the rest of the coast. 

Playa de’s Canar 

For families on cheap holidays Ibiza, the Playa de’s Canar is a good place to spend some time. This beach is one of the major family resorts and has wide sandy beaches. The Playa de’s Canar offers many activities for both adults and children. There are fishermen's boathouses, a small port and plenty of water sports. 

Playa S’Estanyol 

This beach is just 8 kilometers north of Ibiza town. This is the ultimate secluded, unspoiled beach of Ibiza. It is relatively untouched with sandy beaches. Playa S’Estanyol’s natural beauty and calmness make the place a total relaxation by the beach. 

There you are, almost ready for your amazing Ibiza sailing vacation! To rent a sailboat in Ibiza or to rent a catamaran simply do a search on our site to find one of our Sailogy certified boat charters and off you go sailor!