Charter a sailboat in Portorosa, Sicily

Charter a sailboat in Portorosa, Sicily

From Portorosa you can explore the coast of Sicily on a sailboat, visit the Egadi Islands by boat and cruise the Aeolian Islands.

The Marina di Portorosa is an elegant and modern structure located in the clear waters of the north coast of Sicily. This is the best base for anyone looking to spend a sailing holiday around the Aeolian Archipelago, although it’s not particularly close to the main airports of Sicily (the closest one, Catania, is about a 2-hour journey by car). However, our Sailogy certified charter boat operator here can organize airport pickups and transfers for up to 8 people. Another way to reach the base is by ferry boat, which takes you to Milazzo, just a few kilometers away.

For any time you may spend in getting to this marina, you’ll “gain” it back by having booked your sailboat much closer to the Aeolian Archipelago: the nearest island, Vulcano, is just a 2.5 hour-sail away.

The base offers all kinds of services and facilities and ensures very high level of standard to its users. And besides the shops and restaurants, there’s also a beach within easy walking distance: a great bonus if you arrive early and have to wait for your check-in.

Palermo la Cala is the nearest base to Portorosa.