Charter a sailboat in San Vincenzo

Charter a sailboat in San Vincenzo

From San Vincenzo you can sail to the Elba archipelago, explore the Tuscany coastline, and navigate to Corsica.

Marina di San Vincenzo takes its name from the coastal Tuscan town which is located within easy walking distance. Being so close to a town is generally an advantage - it makes shopping for supplies easier and provides easy alternatives in case departures must be postponed due to bad weather - but while San Vincenzo is very pleasant, it's not the most charming spot on the Etruscan Coast: visiting can easily be done in a day. There are some nice thermal baths about 20 minutes away, if you have some extra time. This is a particularly lovely area in the late spring and early autumn.

The harbor, however, is very nice and serviceable - and the location can't be beat. With over 200 berths, Marina di San Vincenzo is an ideal departing spot for cruises heading to nearby isalnds of Capraia, Elba and Corsica (50 NM to Macinaggio). The car park is on the expensive side, but it does offer surveillance security, which many people find reassuring when departing for a week-long cruise. There's an ATM, plenty of shops, and a well-stocked supermarket for supplies. There's a train station right in the town center, and San Vincenzo is extremely well-connected: Pisa is about 80 km away, and Rome's Fiumicino Airport is just 25 km away.

With regards to sailing, landing in San Vincenzo is never particularly difficult except under extreme conditions like very strong winds and rough seas, conditions that are easily forecasted nowadays.

Castiglioncello is the nearest base to San Vincenzo