Hire a yacht in Split, Croatia

Hire a yacht in Split, Croatia

Enjoy the Endless Water Activities When You Get Luxury Yachts for Rent Split in Croatia

Croatia has become a popular destination for millions each and every year and it isn’t difficult to understand why it’s so popular.  It comes with an array of beautiful locations but also comes with excellent sailing possibilities.  There is nothing better than finding luxury yachts for rent Split, Croatia and taking to the waters.

Luxury Yachts Split Croatia

One of the best water activities to choose today when renting a luxury yacht is an inflatable pool.  Now, this might sound strange but it can be one of the best toys to bring along with you.  This is technically a little safer for those who want to go swimming but want the feeling they are close to the yacht.  It can look simple but it a lot of fun and really when you hire luxury yachts Split Croatia, you’ll love having the inflatable pool.

When you choose an inflatable pool it is actually enclosed.  This means you are still swimming in the Croatian coastline but have the protection of an enclosure around the pool.  If you are worried about the kids swimming off on their own or just don’t like the idea of being out on the open waters, the inflatable pool can be a wonderful option.  This is available when you choose luxury yachts for rent Split Croatia.

Using Towable Inflatable’s

If you want to get out into the open waters, there is nothing better than using inflatable’s.  Towable inflatables are really quite fun because you and your guests can sit on the inflatable donut or bananas and rid along as the yacht tows you.  This is very much fun and a great way to enjoy the day; also, if the kids are getting bored or restless, then using the towable inflatable’s can keep them busy and happy!  Renting a luxury yacht and bringing along the towable toys can be a fantastic idea.  It even works perfectly for a birthday treat.


When you rent luxury yachts Split Croatia, you can do a lot of fun water activities and one of the best has to be windsurfing.  This has become a lot of fun over recent times and anyone can try their hand at this.  Windsurfing is best for daredevils who want to try something new and it can be very fun.  You get to learn all about windsurfing and it really can make a vacation very special indeed. 

Looking for luxury yachts for rent Split, Croatia can be amazing and trying out just a few different water activities can really be very special.