Project #followthecrew

Project #followthecrew

3 days on the Amalfi Coast with Sailogy and the Influencers

Last weekend we launched the first episode of Sailogy team’s new project, #followthecrew, which started with the aim of dispelling the most common clichés related to sailing holidays, by sharing some hints and tips and the secrets of sailing life with fellow travellers.

Departing from the Marina d'Arechi in Salerno, aboard a splendid catamaran provided by our best partner in the area, Spartivento, we set sail for a tour of the Amalfi Coast to discover its beauties and hidden corners: The very same corners which have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997, and which are some of Italy’s most precious pearls.

Catamaran in Amalfi Coast

Our special guests on board were three influencers who, together with the Sailogy crew, have become ambassadors of this special project to discover the particularities and wonders of a boating holiday: Sonia Paladini for the Food world, Marko Morciano for the Travel sphere and Nunzia Cillo, Fashion and Lifestyle representative.

Together with this special crew, we left for Amalfi. The very first route of navigation lasted a couple of hours and was the first experience aboard a catamaran for many. Soon everyone felt at ease and, lulled by the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea, we reached the marina of this beautiful city.

Once moored we went ashore to discover the slopes of Amalfi’s white terraces, where the exotic touches of the Duomo's architecture, the Constantinopolitan bronze door, and the intertwined arches in the cloister of Paradise reminded us of the ancient crossings and the relations with the Levant and its flourishing businesses.

Amalfi duomo empty

Returning from the very first tour of the city, after a warm shower on board and a refreshing aperitif, we headed back towards the centre for dinner to taste typical coastal dishes at the “Buonvicino” restaurant. The evening passed happily, with chatter, toasts and the pleasant background notes of the local pianist.

The first night on board for the boys and the Sailogy team was a unique discovery: the rocking of the boat always lulls you into a night of deep sleep, almost in symbiosis with the sea. The awakening was even more exciting. The first rays of the morning sun, mixed with the turquoise reflections of the water, filtered through the porthole and made a lot of us feel like we were still dreaming. 

Amalfi is beautiful in the morning. The colours, the perfumes and the typical life of a city that faces the Mediterranean know how to attract you. When admired from the port, the village perched on the sea appears enclosed in the palm of Amalfi’s hand. Above, there is a scenic mountainous backdrop, dotted with houses; below, a picturesque plot of alleys and stairs. A superb setting, in which historical memories intertwine with unforgettable natural beauty.

This is the breathtaking view that was the backdrop to our peaceful awakening, accompanied by a chat with the aroma of coffee and yoga on the pier.

Yoga in amalfi

The day proceeded with a moment of shopping in the narrow streets and typical markets of the city. Our traveling companion Sonia immediately set out to discover the typical products of the coast to make a special dish for us to enjoy on board: seared shrimp on a bed of courgettes, cherry tomatoes and burrata. A delight for the palate.

The spaces on board are not typical of home cooking, but with a bit of organization and a lot of inventiveness, Sonia managed to juggle between the stoves with simplicity and skill.

Meanwhile, another crew group, led by Marko, ventured to discover the beauties offered by this ancient maritime city. The Cathedral of the city is unique and unmissable is: its scenic location, at the top of a steep staircase that opens between the houses, gathered around a small square, gives a particular note to the whole historic centre.

After the visit to the Duomo, we entered the narrow streets of the city, walking among the small white houses set in the rocky slopes. We then arrived in Piazza Municipio, a former monastery of the sixteenth century, where the town is located. 

After visiting the city centre and now back on board, we all had lunch together and then left for our next stop, Positano.

Positano view from the sea

Thanks to the fantastic sunny day and the favourable wind, we were able to turn off the engine, set the sails and reach the city driven by the force of the wind floating on the water. Once near the coast, we moored the catamaran to a buoy and a small dinghy ferried us to shore.

Set in the mountain, surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation, Positano is such a picturesque village that it looks like a spontaneous theatrical setting. Seen from the sea, it looks like a big crib, a cascade of multicoloured houses sloping down the slope. Nunzia was able to fully grasp its soul, describing it as a "kaleidoscope of colours, a terrace on infinity".

The narrow streets, with numerous boutiques, descend steeply between the stairs, flowing into the Marina Grande. It is precisely here that, together with Nunzia, we pushed ourselves through the various alleys and shops in search of the colours and flavours of the coast. Walking through small shops of local specialities, handmade clothes shops and souvenirs, we came to the famous local "La Zagara" where we tasted the sweet speciality of the place: the Delizia al Limone, a sublime discovery for the palate!

The afternoon in Positano flew by and once back on board we headed back towards Amalfi to spend the night moored in the marina.

The evening passed pleasantly between chatter, laughter and life stories. As Marko said, "one of the things that you immediately appreciate on the boat is the company", and what better way to share these moments if not accompanied by a dish of excellence, typical of the Campania region: a take-out pizza directly on board! The sea, as Sonia says, manages to "mix one passenger with another, like a big family, creates magical atmospheres and sensations". The collaboration and sense of the group that is created in the boat unite, even in a short time, people who have just met.

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the last moments of this fantastic weekend, to then go back to Marina d’Arechi in Salerno.

Once we landed we already felt that sense of nostalgia that the sea leaves inside (there was already someone who didn't want to get off the boat). Living on the boat is something all-encompassing. It is a journey within a journey; a microcosm that unites, creates complicity and allows you to reach any place from a completely different perspective.

Thus ended this experience together with our new travel companions: with greetings, hugs and the promise to set sail early for a new vacation with Sailogy. And so it will be.

In fact, this was only the first stage of #followthecrew, a project designed to reveal the secrets and surprising emotions that can only be experienced thanks to a boat holiday.

Follow us on this new adventure!

followthecrew group in Amalfi